40 Easy DIY iPhone Case Makeovers

These days’ iPhones are our most used gadgets and so they need to have some make overs all the time in order to look more amazing an exciting. So here we bring for you 40 Easy DIY iPhone Case Makeoverse lovely and beautiful ideas to do make over for your beloved iPhones.

The first project that we have here is a geometric iPhone cover which is surely very unique and different and will let you fall in love with it easily. Next we have a washy tape make over idea for your iPhone which is also very attractive and eye catching depending on the colors that you choose for this project. Also see this galaxy theme for your iPhone which is super cool and trendy.

You just need to have some basic supplies for this project and some creative skills and you can give this whole new galaxy make over to your phone. Also you can make your phone look classy with these some white pearls and a few broken or unpaired jeweler pieces and all you need to do is to stick them accordingly on the back of your phone. Next we have another project which is nailing polish based so we now know that we can do a little bit of miracle with our nail polishes in order to make our iPhones look better.

Also we can use our creative skills to make our iPhone look glamorous and for that you need to have some rockstudded and that’s and some glue. All these ideas are so cool for your iPhones that you definitely want to try them anytime soon so that your iPhone can look far better than your friend’s iPhone. Most of us have some useless and brooches with us in our drawers so why not stick them on the back of the iPhone and make it look classy and unique.

All the projects have tutorials attached with them in the links given below the projects.

 Geometric iPhone Cover:

DIY Geometric iPhone CoverImage: abeautifulmess

Washi Tape iPhone Case:

DIY Washi Tape iphone CaseImage: brit.co

Galaxy iPhone Case:

DIY: Galaxy iPhone CaseImage: youtube

Pearl Phone Case: DIY

DIY Iphone Covers, DIY Pearl Phone CaseImage: sydnestyle

Zig Zag iPhone Cases Using Nail Polish:

Zig Zag iphone Cases using Nail PolishImage: the36thavenue

Stylish iPhone Cases – DIY Tutorial

DIY phone cases!Image: youtube

DIY Rockstud Phone Cover:

DIY White with gold studs Valentino rockstud case cover for mobile phoneImage: lollipuff

DIY iPhone Covers:

DIY iPhone Covers!Image: abeautifulmess

Repurposed Brooch iPhone Case Makeover:

DIY iPhone Case Makeovers - Repurposed Brooch - Easy DIY Projects and Handmade Crafts Tutorial IdeasImage: diyinspired

DIY Botanical iPhone Cover:

DIY Botanical iPhone CoverImage: one-o.it

DIY Tribal Print Phone Case:

DIY Tribal Print Phone CaseImage: lmt-lss

DIY Vinyl iPhone Case:

DIY Vinyl iPhone CaseImage: mesewcrazy

Perler Beads iPhone Cases:

DIY iPhone cases made with perler beadsImage: colormadehappy

Easy, Inexpensive & Fun To Make iPhone Cases:

iPhone case, iPhone coversImage: youtube

DIY Vinyl iPhone Case:

iPhone cover diyImage: mesewcrazy

DIY Case For iPhone:

DIY case for iPhone Image: youtube

Rainbow Button iPhone Case:

colorful button iphone caseImage: livingwellspendingless

DIY Bling Rhinestone Case:

Up DIY iPhone Case Disney-cute,Image: wilderpublications

Customisable iPhone Cover:

Customisable Diy Iphone CoverImage: shelterness

Custom iPhone Cover:

DIY Custom iPhone CoverImage: livelaughrowe

Hama Perler iPhone Cover:

perler diy iPhone caseImage: flair-blog.dk

Loving Heart Pistol Gun Case:

DIY Cartoon Loving Heart Pistol Gun Case for iphone Image: youtube

Watercolor Phone Case:

DIY iPhone Case Makeovers - Watercolor Phone Case - Easy DIY Projects and Handmade Crafts Tutorial, DIY Water Color Phone CaseImage: francoisetmoi

Replace The Back Cover Of An iPhone:

simple iPhone coverImage: imore

3D DIY Glitter Powder Love Heart Case:

heart iphone coverImage: doubleaventures.biz

Kawaii Girly Lace Flower iPhone Case:

DIY Cute Kawaii Girly Lace Flower iPhone coverImage: youtube

2DIY iPhone Cases:

DIY iPhone covers! so cute and easy to customize!Image: abeautifulmess

DIY iPhone Fur Casing:

DIY iPhone Fur CasingImage: creativekhadija

Kate Spade Inspired iPhone Cover:

DIY Kate Spade Inspired iPhone CoverImage: polkadotchair

Nail Polish Phone Case:

 DIY These 6 Phone Cases in Under 10 Minutes Image: ayo-aja.blogspot

DIY Different Cell Phone Cases:

different colors iPhone casesImage: youtube

Sticker iPhone Case:

diy colorful iPhone case, coverImage: mashable

Rainbow Button iPhone Case:

Rainbow Button iPhone Case, DIY iPhone Case, DIY Button Crafts, Cute iPHone CaseImage: livingwellspendingless

Crochet Doily Pattern iPhone Case – Doily & Lace

Your Aunt Ursula would be proud.Image: youtube

Sheet Music iPhone Case:

Cool DIY Smartphone Cases For iPhoneImage: youtube

Warm Fuzzy Case For iPhone- Cartoon Plush Hat Phone Cases

Warm Fuzzy Case For iphone Image: youtube

Studded Cover Case:

Studded Cover Case Image: julieannart

DIY Printed Phone Cover:

DIY printed phone coverImage: brit.co

Washi Tape iPhone Case:

DIY iPhone Case Makeovers - Washi Tape iPhone Case - Easy DIY Projects and Handmade CraftsImage: chroniclebooks

Nice Phone Case:

DIY case for iPhoneImage: designsponge

15 Awesome DIY Ideas For Back To School Supplies

 The back to school thing is something that brings both happiness and anxiety both in the children and for their parents. So here are 15 Awesome DIY Ideas For Back To School Supplies that will take the back to school excitement to a whole new level.

The first project that we have here is a gingham style pencil pouch that can carry a whole lot of pencils and color pencils at the same time and looks unique. The new pencils that your children will take them to the school can also be well redesigned by you with this pencil topper idea that you see over here. You can also create a pencil carrier or box yourself in any shape such as a crayon look alike pencil box is created here with some basic supplies. Besides this you can also decorate the simple and boring pencils in order to make these lovely and adorable confetti pencils.

Tis are so simple and you only need to have some colorful papers and a punch machine for this and have to stick the punched circles on to your pencil. Besides this you can also make a pencil can to place it on your table with an old scarp piece of denim and this can not only hold pencils but also scissors and some other basic supplies. Also you can arrange some lovely looking clip boards for the school exams.

We also need to have some new notebooks for the time when the school will re-open so it’s an amazing idea to create your customized pieces. Making some handmade bookmarks is also a very useful and different idea as you can make use of your creative sills in this project. All these projects are best for people who love to create their own stuff and like to be a little more creative than usual.

The entire project has tutorials with them in the links given below and also the detailed descriptions for every project. You must also share these ideas with our friends before the school re opens.

 Gingham Style Pencil Pouch:

Gingham Style Pencil Pouch.Image: blogger

Super Cute Pencil Toppers:

 Super Cute Pencil Toppers, DIY School Supplies - Super Cute Pencil Toppers - Easy Crafts and Do It Yourself IdeasImage: awwsam

“Back to School” Crayon Favor

"Back to School" Crayon FavorImage: iheartnaptime.net

Confetti Pencils:

DIY Confetti PencilsImage: makeandtell

Denim Covered Pencil Can:

Denim Covered Pencil CanImage: craftsbyamanda

Back-To-School Clipboard:

DIY School Supplies - DIY 'Work It' Back-To-School Clipboard -Image: dreamgreendiy

School Notebooks:

DIY School Supplies You Need For Back To School - DIY Back To School Notebooks -Image: momtastic

DIY Handmade Bookmarks:

Handmade Bookmarks, DIY School Supplies You Need For Back To School - DIY Handmade Bookmarks - Cuter,Image: tatertotsandjello

Gold Leaf Brushed Clipboards:

 DIY Gold Leaf Brushed ClipboardsImage: lovelyindeed

Chore Chart:

Back to School Organization Ideas - DIY Chore ChartImage: trucsetbricolages

Clip Board Makeover:

Clip Board MakeoverImage: abubblylife

Notebook Sewn Canvas Tote Bag:

DIY Notebook Sewn Canvas Tote BagImage: sayyes

Pencil Pouch:

DIY School Supplies You Need For Back To School - DIY Pencil Pouch - Cuter,Image: mamamiss

Binder Clips: Upcycled

Upcycled Binder Clips, DIY School Supplies - Upcycled Binder Clips - Easy Crafts and Do It Yourself Ideas forImage: bsazcreates

Colorful Bookcovers:

Colorful BookcoversImage: suzyssitcom

20 DIY Awesome Summer Fashions For Summer

As we know that summers are on their way so we must some of the preparations beforehand related to fashion and style.

Here are 20 DIY Awesome Summer Fashions For Summer trendy and stylish tips for you to add some spark to your wardrobe these summers. The first project that you see over here is a tassel jean which looks trendy and cool at the same time. You can add some colorful tassels to the bottom of your jeans according to your own color choices.

Next we have a watermelon skirt which is very easy to make and budget friendly as you can see shaded watermelon colors in it. Also you can add some tassel idea to your jewelry collection too as you see colorful tassel earrings here made with so much love and affection to wear with your casual outfits. Have a look at these doughnut sunglasses also which are super cool and awesome and looks dramatically amazing and unique.

Next we have a tote idea made especially for summers keeping in mind the summer cool colors and latest trend. Grab some of your old simple and boring pair of jeans and do some colorful embroidery on top of it to make it a little bit different and exciting. Like most of the people you must have a pair of white plain canvas shoes at home so do some ice cream creativity on top of it such as painting some colorful small lines on it and giving it that ice cream look to it. Similar your denim shorts also needs some transformation and you can make them a pair of embellished shorts as soon as you grab some basic supplies for the project. Your boyfriend jeans can also be transformed with a little bit of intelligent fabric painting on it. Besides this we can also paint polka dots over the floppy hats to make them look more great and stylish.

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  2. 27 Best DIY Heart Fashion Ideas For Teens
  3. 30 DIY Fashion Accessories With Top Tutorials

 Tassel Jeans:

Tassel JeansImage: studiodiy

Watermelon Skirt:

Watermelon SkirtImage: mckennableu

Summer Mini Tassel Earrings:

Summer Mini Tassel EarringsImage: petitboutdechou

Donut Sunglasses:

Donut SunglassesImage: studiodiy

Flamingo Tote:

Flamingo ToteImage: weekendpursuits

Denim Embroidery:

DIY Denim EmbroideryImage: honestlywtf

Painted Ice Cream Sprinkles Shoes:

Painted Ice Cream Sprinkles ShoesImage: dreamgreendiy

Embellished Shorts:

Summer Projects for Kids & TeensImage: lovemaegan

Cherry Blossom Boyfriend Jeans:

Cherry Blossom Boyfriend JeansImage: brit.co

Polka Dot Floppy Hat:

DIY Polka Dot Floppy HatImage: sugarandcloth

Pom Pom Kaftan:

Pom Pom KaftanImage: elleapparelblog

Rhinestone Hair Clips:

Rhinestone Hair ClipsImage: thecraftedlife

Ruffle Scarf:

Ruffle ScarfImage: vermillionrules.blogspot

Watermelon Floppy Hat:

DIY Watermelon Floppy HatImage: studiodiy

Pineapple Canvas Shoes:

DIY Pineapple Canvas ShoesImage: flamingotoes

Fringe Net Tank:

DIY Fringe Net TankImage: popchampagneblog

Ombre Fringe Skirt:

Ombre Fringe SkirtImage: makeit-loveit

Bead & Tassel Bracelets:

DIY Bead And Tassel BraceletsImage: maggieholmesdesign

Braided T-Shirt Bracelets:

DIY Braided T-Shirt BraceletsImage: helloglow.co

Beaded Sunglasses:

DIY Beaded SunglassesImage: freepeople

10 Mason Jar Gift Ideas & Tutorial’s

Mason jars have been recently very popular lately and people are discovering thousands of ways to use these empty useless jars creatively.

Often times when we are about to give someone a present we are short of ideas and time also. So here is good news for all of those people who are fond of some cheap and interesting gift ideas. You can now use the mason jars for gifting purposes. Follow these 10 Mason Jar Gift Ideas & Tutorial’s to make your life a bit easier. The first project that you see over here is bride emergency kit that holds almost all of the small handy items needed by the bride on her big day when she can no longer hold a bigger bag and items.

For this project you only need to go and grab some basic cosmetic items from either a dollar store so it would be easier and cheaper for you and the end product is going to be an extra ordinary gift for someone. One of the most pretties and cutest of all these projects is a graduation gift jar which is definitely a gift for someone who has recently graduated and needs an appreciation in form of some card and present. Also you can use some vibrant color sprays for the mason jars and use them for gifting purpose.

Have a look at this fishnet which is acting as a cover for the jar and you can put any item inside it and gift it to someone on either any festival or birthdays etc. bath salts have also been very common these days so you can also give these bath salts inside the jars and can gift to someone on any occasion.

If you are looking for a gift idea for some kids of your family you can put inside some school stuff and then gift to it in order to encourage them for the school and prepare them to achieve their next milestone. Also these Mason jar gift can be given on special romantic occasion such as valentine’s day and also on some family trends such as mother’s day as this will all help you achieve your relationship goals with your loved ones.

Share these exciting and wonderful ideas with our friends also as they are really worth trying and haring. Follow the tutorials provided with each of the project in the links given below each project.

Bride Emergency Kit:

Mason Jar Crafts Bride Emergency KitImage: the36thavenue

Graduation Mason Jar Gift:

graduation gift in a jar made like an owImage: thecountrychiccottage.net

Colorful Pretty Mason Jar Gift Ideas:

PRETTY DIY MASON JAR GIFT IDEASImage: hellowonderful.co

Fishnet Wrapped Jar:

 Great Mason Jar Gift IdeasImage: itallstartedwithpaint

Bath Salts Recipe:

Mason Jar Gift Ideas: Bath Salts Recipe DIYImage: masonjarcraftslove

Mason Jar School Stuff:

masonjar gift, teacher giftImage: yesterdayontuesday

Valentine’s Day Mason Jar:

DIY "Hogs & Kisses" Valentine's Day Mason Jars - How to Make a Valentine's Day Mason Jar Gift Filled With ChocolatesImage: countryliving

Mason Jar Birthday Gift:

Mason jar birthday gifts ideasImage: youtume.us

Handmade Perfect Motherday Gift:

Mason Jars and Handmade Gift Idea. Perfect for Mother's Day, Easter, birthday giftsImage: the36thavenue

Pink Candle Mason Jar Gift:

Pink Candle Mason Jar Gift:Image: typepad

12 DIY Easy Summer Ideas For Teens

As we know that summers are on their way in our calendars and it about time we must think about some of the interesting ideas and activities that our teens can not only have fun doing it but also can make used of those end products.

Have a look at these awesome 12 DIY Easy Summer Ideas For Teens and also share it with them so that they can do these activities on their own. The first project that you see over here is crystal geode eggs with colorful vibrant colors which are fun doing in these summers.

Next we have some glittery pencil cases that will be very useful once the school will reopen. Pop tart is also something g that the teens can relate to so grab some of the related supplies and engage your teens into this no sews pop tart. Also encourage your teens to make some recycled soaps during these summer holidays.

Also try to treat yourself this summer season with some relaxation and try making this easy hammock chair in your backyard. As we know teens are these a big fan of pom so you can compel them to make small adorable items along with pom such as these diy pom key chains.

Magazines at our home are also something that we cannot think of reusing sometimes but here is an idea of making cute boxes out of magazine papers and those boxes are very useful for carrying different things. Similarly you can also make use of the old discarded DIY mason jars and turn them into something unique and unusual such small planters, decoration pieces candles etc. washy tapes are also a very commonly used craft these days.

Try making these adorable masterpieces this summer holiday that you and your teens can enjoy and have fun using them.

 Crystal Geode Eggs:

Best DIY Ideas for Teens To Make This Summer - DIY Crystal Geode Eggs - FunImage: sweetpaulmag

Glittery Graphic Pencil Cases:

Best DIY Ideas for Teens To Make This Summer - DIY Glittery Graphic Pencil Cases -Image: studiodiy

No-Sew Pop Tart:

Best DIY Ideas for Teens To Make This Summer - DIY No-Sew Pop TartImage: awwsam

Donut Scented Soap:

Quick and Easy Donut SoapImage: happinessishomemade.net

Unique Candles With Dollars Tree Value:

Fun Dollar Store Crafts for Teens - DIY Unique Candles with Dollars Tree Value - CheapImage: morenascorner

Hammock Chair – Cheap

Cool Crafts for Teen Girls - Best DIY Projects for Teenage Girls - Make Your VeryImage: brit.co

Pom Pom Keychain:

Pompom KeychainImage: madeinaday

Magazine Boxes:

Cool Arts and Crafts Ideas for Teens, Kids and Even AdultsImage: wordpress

Amazing Mason Jar Sconce:

DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas for Teens - Rustic Mason Jar Sconce - Best Creative, CoolImage: shelterness

Sharpie Rocks:

Sharpie Rocks Image: wordpress

Washi Tape Summer Bucketlist:

Washi Tape Crafts - Summer Bucketlist - DIY Projects Made With Washi Tape - Wall ArtImage: seevanessacraft

Boo Heart Shaped Off Shoulder Tee:

T-Shirt Makeovers - DIY Peek-A-Boo Heart Shaped Off Shoulder TImage: wobisobi.blogspot

25 Unbelievably DIY Clutch Ideas For Girl’s

Clutches are definitely something that almost every other girl loves to carry when it comes to carrying only a few items along. There are a variety of expensive designer clutches available all across the market but what if you can create some of your own unique pieces?

Here are some wonderful ideas that you may find interesting and will help you create some beautiful and different styles of clutches. All these 25 Unbelievably DIY Clutch Ideas For Girl’s have one thing in common that they are less time consuming and budget friendly so that you can easily give them all a try next time when you feel the urge of adding one more to your clutch collection. All these projects have tutorials with them in the links given below so that you can easily follow the step by step instructions for each project and may not miss anything important in the process.

The first one that we have here is clutch made out of an old book cover which is very interesting and definitely a bit more appealing to the book lovers out there. Next we have a metal frame clutch that you see over here which is consumer friendly and easy to handle made with a little extra effort.

Grab some of the basic supplies for these marvelous projects and try them this holiday season so that not only you can use them at any occasion coming up but also you can gift to someone on their big days. You can use many types of fabrics for these projects such as leather, metal, jute and many more depending on your own choice and availability. You also have many options to create some of the no sew clutches in case you don’t have those basic sewing skills.

You may also use shells in these diy clutch ideas so just to add a little spark and a different look to your clutch. Washy tapes are also one of the crafts that you can use for these projects if you want to create little funky and casual pieces. Then we also have a snakeskin clutch idea for you in neon fabric which looks absolutely phenomenal if you see the end product closely. Cardboard is yet another thing that will help you create some fine looking clutches for your formal occasions.

Share these ideas with your friends and family so that you can have other opinion as well while creating some masterpieces.

 Book Clutch:

Turn a Vintage Book into a ClutchImage: brit.co

Metal Frame Clutch:

Metal Frame Purse / Clutch Sewing Tutorial. Image: handmadiya

Cotton + Leather Clutch DIY

Cotton + Leather Clutch DIYImage: abeautifulmess

Canvas Print Clutch:

Turn your artwork into a DIY canvas clutch with this easy to follow tutorialImage: papernstitchblog

Lovely Placemat Clutch – DIY Style Tutorial

Lovely Placemat Clutch - DIY Style TutorialImage: youtube

Patterned Clutch Purse:

three colors handmade clutchesImage: sarahhearts

No-Sew Clutch:

classic diy blue clutchImage: fiskars

Clutch Bag:

DIY Clutch Bags You Can Sew At HomeImage: sewing

Clutch DIY:

DIY clutch Image: thefatgirloffashion

No-Sew Leather Envelope Clutch:

 Super Cool DIY Purse Ideas You Can Craft For A Unique LookImage: seekatesew

Embellished Shell Clutch:

Easy Handmade Party Clutch IdeasImage: blogg.se

Washi Tape Clutch:

 DIY CLUTCH ideas DIY: Washi Tape ClutchImage: cremedelacraft

Jeweled Clutch:

jeweled clutchImage: kristinaclemens.blogspot

Neon Snakeskin Clutch:

 Super Cool DIY Purse Ideas You Can Craft For A Unique LookImage: swellmayde

Cotton Handbag With Leather Details:

Cotton handbag with leather detailsImage: howdidyoumakethis

Clutch Purse From Cardboard:

Clutch Purse From CardboardImage: cutoutandkeep.net

Katy’s Chevron Clutch:

Neon Snakeskin ClutchImage: thevillagehaberdashery.co.uk

Colorful Studded Clutch – Slouchy Clutch

Colorful Studded ClutchImage: wordpress

Neon Snakeskin Clutch – Mini Photo Clutch

Neon Snakeskin ClutchImage: abeautifulmess

Leather Envelope Clutches:


Mawi Clutch Bag:

DIY Mawi Clutch BagImage: heypreston.co.uk

Chic Envelope Clutch:

Chic Envelope Clutch from DIY Galentine's Day Gift Ideas Round Up Image: fortworthfabricstudio.blogspot

Pink Hello Kitty Wallet / Clutch:

Pink Hello Kitty Wallet / ClutchImage: handmadiya

Transparent Clutch:

 DIY CLUTCH ideas DIY Transparent ClutchImage: honestlywtf

Accordion Clutch Wallet Purse Tutorial:

Accordion Clutch Wallet Purse Tutorial sewing patternImage: handmadiya

Budget Friendly – 20 DIY Side Table Ideas To Try Out

Side tables are always something we think deeply about whenever selecting or buying one because they always tend to play key role in the outlook of the room. There are many different types of side tables available in stores but are really expensive and unaffordable so with the following ideas we can change the way we look at this matter and can make our very own side tables in very less cost.

Here are a few dynamic and superb Budget Friendly – 20 DIY Side Table Ideas To Try Out that we present to you which will definitely blow your mind and change all your concepts about side tables. All these ideas are easy to try and make yourself.

The first project that you see over here is a west elm inspired side table which is unique and beautiful in its own way. Second we have diy twisty side table made of wood and looks equally amazing s any designer piece of furniture that we usually see at famous furniture showrooms. Next we have another night stand that is of floating type, fixed on the wall that can carry books and a lamp on top of it. The next one is another unique and unusual kind of a bedside table for your bedrooms.

This next spool side table is which is modern contemporary style is also very attractive and eye catching. Brass is also something that makes amazing kind of side tables as you can see in this next project. Besides this we can also have some amazing concrete side tables which are side tables and planters at the same time. Also see this next high side table which is tall, made of fine wood and is cool and convenient.

This next side table is surely my favorite and is so soothing to the eyes as its close to nature ,this log side table is something unique and different for sure so try making this one next time you need a side table.

Try these above mentioned ideas and also share the ideas with your friends so that they can also make use of such beautiful ideas. The tutorials are provided in the link attached with each project in the link given below.

West Elm-Inspired Side Table:

Unleash Metallic Magic!Image: brit.co

DIY Twisty Side Table:

DIY Twisty Side TableImage: woodshopdiaries

Simple Floating Nightstand:

diy bedside table bedroom nightstand ideas diy bedside table makeoverImage: decorhacks

Nightstand Organizer Small Bedside Table:

Nightstand Storage Ideas Diy Nightstand Organizer Small Bedside Table Ideas Wall Mounted Bedside Table High ResolutionImage: tikspor

Spool Side Table: DIY

DIY Spool Side TableImage: satoridesignforliving

 Bedside Table Plans – Free Plans

DIY Bedside Table Plans Free PlansImage: rogueengineer

DIY Brass Side Table:

DIY Brass Side TablesImage: refurbished-ideas

DIY Concrete Planters With Side Table:

Full Size of Coffee Table Ideas: Outdoor Coffee Table Ideas Cheap For Tablesdiyiy Round Ideasdiy Image: banderaazul.info

DIY End Tables  – Side Table

DIY End Tables with Step by Step Tutorials - DIY Side Table - Cheap and EasyImage: build-basic

DIY Log Slice Table:

DIY Log Slice TableImage: seakettle

Hairpin Legs Side Table:

 Glamorous Side TablesImage: homedit

DIY Pedestal Clock End Table:

 DIY Pedestal Clock End TableImage: ohjuliana

Repurposed Terracotta Pot Accent Table:

Repurposed Terracotta Pot Accent TableImage: thriftyandchic

Golden Bowls DIY Side Table Idea:

Golden Bowls DIY Side Table IdeasImage: brit.co

Coffee Table From Old Wire Basket:

DIY Coffee Table from Old Wire BasketImage: apartmenttherapy

Cheap Wooden Side Table:

Cheap Bedside Table IdeaImage: shareplaylearn.info

Side Table With Storage & Drawers:

Cool Design Cool Nightstands Image: feelbased

DIY Copper Tubing Table:

DIY copper tubing tableImage: designsponge

Vintage Record Side Table:

Amazing DIY Side Table IdeasImage: theflourishingabode

Wooden Side Table With Unique Staircase:

Beautiful Wooden Side Table Idea With Unique Staircase Theme Design Idea And Impressive White Small Shade Lamp IdeaImage: diyjoy

10 Awesome DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas

We all must have useless empty Mason jar at our home or in our stores but how many of us ever thought of making use of those mason jars and turn them into something amazing.

These projects and ideas will help you make 10 Awesome DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas for your friends and family so that they may feel special about themselves or their big days. The first project that we have here is diy mulling spices into jars and sees how beautiful this project has turned out to be as its looks so fresh and full of care.

Secondly we have a pampering Mason jar idea which includes some pampering beauty cosmetics or spa products for a bride to be on her bridal shower to make her feel special about her upcoming big day. We can also have a pedicure kit into a mason jar that carries all the pedicure related products and can be very special gift to give to someone; also we can turn the mason jars into snowman candles as you can see over here which looks perfect to give on the upcoming Christmas.

All these diy Mason jar gift ideas are worth sharing and trying anytime soon. You can give these beautiful gifts to someone special on occasions such as valentine day and other couple related days because these gifts can easily convey your affection and love ton your loved one. Besides this you can also make this adorable cocktail kit out of DIY mason jars. Follow the tutorials attached with the projects in the links given below the projects so that you can learn the step by step procedure for every project.

 Mulling Spices:

Christmas in a Jar Image: nestofposies-blog

Pampering Mason Jar:

Pampering Mason Jar DIYImage: the-socialites-closet

Pedicure In A Jar:

Pedicure In A JarImage: thegunnysack

Snowman Candles – Gift Idea

diy mason jar gift ideas, diy mason jar crafts projects, diy mason jar ReuseImage: craftsbyamanda

Spa In A Jar:

Spa in a jar-- perfect for a last minute gift!Image: nestinginthebluegrass.blogspot

LOVE Mason Jar Gift Idea:

Mason Jar DIY Gift IdeaImage: domestically-speaking

Valentine Mason Jar Gift: Hugs & Kisses Mason Jar

Mason Jar Valentine Gifts and Crafts | DIY Ideas for Valentines Day for Cute Gift GivingImage: thehappierhomemaker

Wonderful Grinch Jar:

Four easy and creative CHRISTMAS mason jar treat/gift ideas. A grinch jar,Image: chelseasmessyapron

Snowman Mason Jars: DIY

Four easy and creative mason jar CHRISTMAS treat gift ideas. A grinch jar, santaImage: chelseasmessyapron

Adorable Cocktail Kits In Mason Jar:

Adorable cocktail kits in a mason jarImage: somethingturquoise

85 DIY Bow Ideas – Bow Craft Tutorials

Bow is something always symbolized style, fashion and used as decorative items on top of clothing, ornaments and much more.

Here we will share with you some lovely 85 DIY Bow Ideas – Bow Craft Tutorials that you can do at your home and decorate your stuff with it.

The first project that we have here is a bow with lights project which is done on a shirt and looks absolutely phenomenal either on a check shirt or a plane one. Next we have a fabric bow tie perfectly designed to make a sash belt that can enhance the beauty of your dress no matter how simple and boring it is. Besides this we can also make these bows using out basic knitting skills and see how lovely and gorgeous they look when made with different colors for different purposes. Let us also add polka dot pattern into the bow making project in order to make the project more spicy and interesting.

You can also make bow clips with juts a simple technique that you can learn from the tutorial given in the link below the project. Just like knitting you can also make the bow using our basic crochet skills as you can see over here. Have you ever ordered that how beautifully you can create a bow wreath for your doors? Try doing it, this festive season. We can also add some spark in form of glitter to these projects to make them more attractive and eye catching.

Have a look at these bow rings that looks beautiful on fingers and are super easy to create. Keep in mind that almost all of these ideas can be done with the old scarp fabric and old clothes easily and this is why these diy bow ideas are budget friendly and less time consuming. If you make a whole lot of different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns of bows, you can very easily used them for different purposes such as on top of your wrapped gifts and much more.

Try these lovely bow ideas at home this holiday season and share the ideas with your friends and family as well.

DIY Bow Tie – With Lights

DIY Bow Tie — With Lights!Image: wearablesworkshop.net

 Fabric Bow Tie Sash Belt:

Friday DIY: Bow Belt Image: dawanda

Hello Kitty Loom Knit Bow:

Hello Kitty Loom Knit BowImage: cutoutandkeep.net

Eyelet Knit Bow:

 Eyelet Knit BowImage: howdidyoumakethis

Pretty Hair Bow  With Polk Dots:

Pretty Hair Bow IdeasImage: diyprojectsforteens

Crochet Bow Hair Clip Tutorial:

Simple Crochet Bow TutorialImage: consumercrafts

Crochet Bow Pattern:

Crochet Bow PatternImage: daisycottagedesigns.net

DIY Bow Door Wreath:

bow door wreath

Image: styleyoursenses

Crochet Bow Pattern {Easy Peasy Tutorial}

Crochet Bow Pattern {Easy Peasy Tutorial} Image: everythingetsy

Fall & Winter Sweater Idea – Open Back Bow Sweater

DIY Fall & Winter Sweater Ideas, Open Back Bow SweaterImage: youtube

No-Sew Hair Bow Tutorial: Glitter Bow

No Sew Hair Bow TutorialImage: bombshellbling

DIY Ribbon Bow Rings:

DIY Ribbon Bow : DIY your own ribbon bow ringsImage: somethingturquoise

Minnie Mouse Puff Bows:

Minnie Mouse Puff BowsImage: theribbonretreat

Simple Crochet Hair Bow Pattern:

simple crochet hair bow patternImage: cynthiabanessa

Wooden Hair Bow Holder:

Wooden Hair Bow HolderImage: hautemommyblog

 Gift Wrap Bow With Old Clothes:

DIY gift wrap with old clothesImage: creatingreallyawesomefunthings

 Gift Bows Tutorials – Crepe Paper Bow

DIY Gift Bows TutorialsImage: theproperblog

Best Ribbon Hair Bows:

DIY hair bows.Image: beadandcord

Slim Crochet Hair Bow:

 Slim Crochet Hair Bow, white with green/yellow filament Image: maryjanesmaryjanes

Leather Bow Bracelet – DIY

Leather Bow Bracelet, DIYImage: wobisobi.blogspot

Tiny Bow Ties For Tiny Gentlemen:

ties for twoImage: wordpress

Burlap Bow:

burlap bow ideaImage: youtube

Bow Tie Napkins With Utensils:

Baby Shower Ideas for Boys|Image: hubpages

Adorable Bow Sunglasses Case:

DIY Adorable Sunglasses Case IdeasImage: seekatesew

Basic DIY Bow:

Basic DIY BowImage: iwearabow

Bows For Packages – Chic Bow

Creative Bows For Packages - Chic Bow - Make DIY Bows for Christmas Presents and HolidayImage: thehousethatlarsbuilt

Bandana Bow Tutorial:

Bandana bow tutorialImage: youtube

Crochet Pumpkin Hair Bow – Halloween Hair Clip

Crochet Pumpkin Hair Bow, Halloween Hair ClipImage: littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot

DIY Hair Bow Tutorial – Pretty Bow

diy hair bow tutorialImage: typepad

Double Layered Bow Tie:

Double layered bow tieImage: craftyhousewife

Big Bow Pillow Cases Tutorial:

Big Bow Pillow Cases Tutorial from Rae Gun Ramblings. Simple and inexpensive sewing home decorImage: raegunramblings

Cute Crochet Bow:

 crochet hair bowImage: youtube

Crochet Hearts Bow Pony Tail Holder:

Crochet Hearts Bow Pony Tail HolderImage: creatingasimplerlife

Crocheted Bow Pattern & Tutorial:

crocheted bow patternImage: kikicomin

Crochet Bow Hair Clip Tutorial:

Simple Crochet Bow TutorialImage: consumercrafts

Bow Tie for Headband Crochet Pattern:

Bow Tie for Headband Crochet PatternImage: makergoodies

Cardigan & Bow Tie Onesie:

Cardigan and bow tie onesieImage: cherish365

Handmade Hair Bow:

Diy bow, Handmade Hair BowsImage: craftinessisnotoptional

Mini Crocheted Bow Hair Clips:

Mini Crocheted Bow Hair ClipImage: helloyellowyarn

Dog Hair Bows:

DIY- Dog Hair Bows, Simple hair bows for dogs, Tuxedo Hair BowsImage: youtube

Crochet Pattern Chunky Bobble Bows:

free & easy crochet bow patterns and tutorialImage: lululoves.co.uk

Denim Hair Bow:

Denim hair bow. DiyImage: sixsistersstuff

Free Crochet Pattern – Cute Crochet Bows

Free Crochet Pattern - Cute Crochet BowsImage: whistleandivy

Polka Dot Hair Bows:

diy hair bowsImage: positivelysplendid

Crochet Bow Hair Clips:

Crochet Bow Hair ClipsImage: theglitterinmytea

Ridiculously Easy Bows:

Ridiculously Easy BowsImage: lifeunfluffed

Crochet Bow Tutorial:

Crochet Bow Pattern - great for hair clips or any accessoryImage: everythingetsy

DIY Ribbon Gift Wrap – Gift Idea

DIY/ Gift Wrap Ideas Image: youtube

Crochet Bow Hair Clips:

Crochet Christmas Bow Hair Clip Bow HeadbandImage: revistaartesanato.com.br

Fabric Bows With Lace:

DIY hair bowsImage: lifeispoppin

Crochet Bow Pattern – Great For Hair Clips

Crochet Bow Pattern - great for hair clips or any accessoryImage: everythingetsy

Cool Hair Bow:

DIY Hair Bow IdeasImage: brassyapple

Crochet Bow With Pony Tail Holder – Great Idea

crochet bow hair tieImage: vanillajoy

Football Hair Bow:

Football Hair BowImage: hairbowsuppliesetc

Bow Applique Crochet Girl – Rainbow Bows

Crochet Bow PatternImage: craftsy

DIY Bow Necklace – Gift Idea

diy small gift - diy bow necklaceImage: iwearabow

Surprise Party – Bow Belt

Leather Bow belt.Image: rebekahgough.blogspot

Pretty Bow Sweater In The Back – Refashion Jumper

Image: styleoholic

Pretty Leather Bow:

diy pretty leather bow bracelet fab art diyImage: fabartdiy

DIY Hair Bows:

DIY hair bowsImage: iwearabow

Bow Hair Style:

 Easy DIY Hairstyle IdeasImage: howtoinstructions.org


No-Sew-BowImage: whydontyoumakeme

No-Sew Felt Bow Tutorial:

No-Sew Felt Bow TutorialImage: brendid

Fabric Bow Napkin Rings:

DIY Fabric Bow Napkin RingsImage: prettyprudent

Fabric Bow Planner Clip:

Fabric Bow Planner Clip | No Sew | DIY Mother's Day Gift IdeasImage: youtube

Bow With Burlap:

 Bow with BurlapImage: thetallytales

Crochet Bow Ring:

crochet bow ringImage: jessicabiscoe.co.uk

DIY Burlap Bow:

DIY Burlap BowImage: funkyjunkinteriors.net

Sequin Bow Clips:

Sequin Bow ClipsImage: sayyes

Big Bow Pillow:

Big Bow PillowImage: sayyes

Bow Belt – DIY

Bow BeltImage: sincerelykinsey

Crocheted Bow:

Crocheted Bow Image: happytogetherbyjess

Ice Cream Hair Bow:

Ice cream hair bow, Ice cream birthday, Ice cream birthday party, Ice cream birthday party ideas, Ice cream party pins, Ice cream hair bow, Ice cream bowImage: itsalwaysautumn

Leg Protector Ribbon Bow:

Crochet Socks in One Color and Then Add Contrasting Ribbon Bows Image: raeannkelly

School Hair Bows:

Hair Bow IdeasImage: jessiekdesign

Bow Flip Flops:

Bow Flip FlopsImage: houseofcurls.blogspot

Felt Bow Tutorial:

Felt bow tutorial ideas Image: kikicomin

Pink Bow Napkins & Copper Monogram Napkin Rings:

DIY Pink Bow Napkins & Copper Monogram Napkin Rings - learn to craft these quick andImage: birdsparty

Pinwheel Bow Set School Bows:

 Pinwheel Bow Set School BowsImage: consumercrafts

Bridal Updo Bow Bun:

DIY wedding hair ideas bridal updo bow bunImage: onewed

Scrap-Busting Hair Bows:

Scrap-Busting Hair BowsImage: prettyprudent

 Bow For Gift Box -Sprinkle Paper Bows

diy bow for gift boxImage: designeatrepeat

Dog Bow Tie Ring Bearer Collar:dog bow tie with beltImage: helpfulhomemade

Collar Bows & Bow Ties For Dogs:

handmade gift bowImage: momtastic

Duct Tape Bow:

Duct Tape BowImage: yourhomebasedmom

14 DIY Wonderful Advent Calendar Ideas

Calendars are something that everyone needs at home to stay aware of the important days and dates and also to make their own schedules and plan occasions.

Here we will present to your 14 DIY Wonderful Advent Calendar great and phenomenal ideas for making diy wonderful advent calendars which are quite different from the usual calendars made with some unique ideas and crafts all by yourself with easy crafts available at home already. How does it sound to grab some colorful buttons at home to make a wonderful calendar?

Next we have another creatively designed calendar which is so much fun to make and use both. Also we have shared a tutorial about how to make a chalkboard calendar with tiny colorful flags to make indications. Then we have a perpetual calendar where you have to just tear off the previous date and day every day without changing the month before 30 days.

Next we have some treat bag project as you can see made with a little extra effort to make an extra ordinary calendar. This washy tape calendar is quite easy and simple and can be easily done by the teens at your home for their own rooms and walls in order to keep check of the dates and days passing by every month. We can also make a service calendar instead of a usual calendar to keep check of only the 25 days of service etc. as you can see in this next project that we have. Why not use magnets for making a diy calendar at home? Grab some magnets and try making this magnetic wall calendar using different colors. Then we have a paint chip calendar which is also very attractive and soothing to the eyes. Besides this we have other calendar ideas according to the latest trends such as instagram calendars.

Try these exciting and unique calendars this year and also share the ideas with your friends and family. Follow the link given below each project to learn more about the project and for tutorial as well.

Framed Button Calendar:

The Framed Button CalendarImage: makezine

Advent Calendar:

Image: themerrythought

 Chalkboard Calendar:

Image: ispydiy

Perpetual Calendar:

perpetual calendarImage: abeautifulmess

Holiday Season Advent Calendars:

Image: bfloral

Treat Bags Advent Calendar:

Christmas Advent Calendar Treat BagsImage: thefoxandstar.co.uk

Washi Tape Calendar:

Image: trendencias

Flair Advent Calendar:

Flair Advent CalendarImage: studiodiy

Days Of Service Calendar:

Image: iheartnaptime.net

Magnetic Wall Calendar:

Image: shelterness

Modern Advent Calendar From Sweet Escape:

family wall calendarImage: thesweetescape.ca

Paint Chip Calendar:

Image: instructables

Easy Christmas Advent Calendar:

Easy Christmas Advent Calendar (great kids craft activity-- it's inexpensive, quick,Image: makinglemonadeblog

Instagram Calendar: DIY

instagram calendarImage: typepad