85 DIY Bow Ideas – Bow Craft Tutorials

Bow is something always symbolized style, fashion and used as decorative items on top of clothing, ornaments and much more.

Here we will share with you some lovely 85 DIY Bow Ideas – Bow Craft Tutorials that you can do at your home and decorate your stuff with it.

The first project that we have here is a bow with lights project which is done on a shirt and looks absolutely phenomenal either on a check shirt or a plane one. Next we have a fabric bow tie perfectly designed to make a sash belt that can enhance the beauty of your dress no matter how simple and boring it is. Besides this we can also make these bows using out basic knitting skills and see how lovely and gorgeous they look when made with different colors for different purposes. Let us also add polka dot pattern into the bow making project in order to make the project more spicy and interesting.

You can also make bow clips with juts a simple technique that you can learn from the tutorial given in the link below the project. Just like knitting you can also make the bow using our basic crochet skills as you can see over here. Have you ever ordered that how beautifully you can create a bow wreath for your doors? Try doing it, this festive season. We can also add some spark in form of glitter to these projects to make them more attractive and eye catching.

Have a look at these bow rings that looks beautiful on fingers and are super easy to create. Keep in mind that almost all of these ideas can be done with the old scarp fabric and old clothes easily and this is why these diy bow ideas are budget friendly and less time consuming. If you make a whole lot of different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns of bows, you can very easily used them for different purposes such as on top of your wrapped gifts and much more.

Try these lovely bow ideas at home this holiday season and share the ideas with your friends and family as well.

DIY Bow Tie – With Lights

DIY Bow Tie — With Lights!Image: wearablesworkshop.net

 Fabric Bow Tie Sash Belt:

Friday DIY: Bow Belt Image: dawanda

Hello Kitty Loom Knit Bow:

Hello Kitty Loom Knit BowImage: cutoutandkeep.net

Eyelet Knit Bow:

 Eyelet Knit BowImage: howdidyoumakethis

Pretty Hair Bow  With Polk Dots:

Pretty Hair Bow IdeasImage: diyprojectsforteens

Crochet Bow Hair Clip Tutorial:

Simple Crochet Bow TutorialImage: consumercrafts

Crochet Bow Pattern:

Crochet Bow PatternImage: daisycottagedesigns.net

DIY Bow Door Wreath:

bow door wreath

Image: styleyoursenses

Crochet Bow Pattern {Easy Peasy Tutorial}

Crochet Bow Pattern {Easy Peasy Tutorial} Image: everythingetsy

Fall & Winter Sweater Idea – Open Back Bow Sweater

DIY Fall & Winter Sweater Ideas, Open Back Bow SweaterImage: youtube

No-Sew Hair Bow Tutorial: Glitter Bow

No Sew Hair Bow TutorialImage: bombshellbling

DIY Ribbon Bow Rings:

DIY Ribbon Bow : DIY your own ribbon bow ringsImage: somethingturquoise

Minnie Mouse Puff Bows:

Minnie Mouse Puff BowsImage: theribbonretreat

Simple Crochet Hair Bow Pattern:

simple crochet hair bow patternImage: cynthiabanessa

Wooden Hair Bow Holder:

Wooden Hair Bow HolderImage: hautemommyblog

 Gift Wrap Bow With Old Clothes:

DIY gift wrap with old clothesImage: creatingreallyawesomefunthings

 Gift Bows Tutorials – Crepe Paper Bow

DIY Gift Bows TutorialsImage: theproperblog

Best Ribbon Hair Bows:

DIY hair bows.Image: beadandcord

Slim Crochet Hair Bow:

 Slim Crochet Hair Bow, white with green/yellow filament Image: maryjanesmaryjanes

Leather Bow Bracelet – DIY

Leather Bow Bracelet, DIYImage: wobisobi.blogspot

Tiny Bow Ties For Tiny Gentlemen:

ties for twoImage: wordpress

Burlap Bow:

burlap bow ideaImage: youtube

Bow Tie Napkins With Utensils:

Baby Shower Ideas for Boys|Image: hubpages

Adorable Bow Sunglasses Case:

DIY Adorable Sunglasses Case IdeasImage: seekatesew

Basic DIY Bow:

Basic DIY BowImage: iwearabow

Bows For Packages – Chic Bow

Creative Bows For Packages - Chic Bow - Make DIY Bows for Christmas Presents and HolidayImage: thehousethatlarsbuilt

Bandana Bow Tutorial:

Bandana bow tutorialImage: youtube

Crochet Pumpkin Hair Bow – Halloween Hair Clip

Crochet Pumpkin Hair Bow, Halloween Hair ClipImage: littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot

DIY Hair Bow Tutorial – Pretty Bow

diy hair bow tutorialImage: typepad

Double Layered Bow Tie:

Double layered bow tieImage: craftyhousewife

Big Bow Pillow Cases Tutorial:

Big Bow Pillow Cases Tutorial from Rae Gun Ramblings. Simple and inexpensive sewing home decorImage: raegunramblings

Cute Crochet Bow:

 crochet hair bowImage: youtube

Crochet Hearts Bow Pony Tail Holder:

Crochet Hearts Bow Pony Tail HolderImage: creatingasimplerlife

Crocheted Bow Pattern & Tutorial:

crocheted bow patternImage: kikicomin

Crochet Bow Hair Clip Tutorial:

Simple Crochet Bow TutorialImage: consumercrafts

Bow Tie for Headband Crochet Pattern:

Bow Tie for Headband Crochet PatternImage: makergoodies

Cardigan & Bow Tie Onesie:

Cardigan and bow tie onesieImage: cherish365

Handmade Hair Bow:

Diy bow, Handmade Hair BowsImage: craftinessisnotoptional

Mini Crocheted Bow Hair Clips:

Mini Crocheted Bow Hair ClipImage: helloyellowyarn

Dog Hair Bows:

DIY- Dog Hair Bows, Simple hair bows for dogs, Tuxedo Hair BowsImage: youtube

Crochet Pattern Chunky Bobble Bows:

free & easy crochet bow patterns and tutorialImage: lululoves.co.uk

Denim Hair Bow:

Denim hair bow. DiyImage: sixsistersstuff

Free Crochet Pattern – Cute Crochet Bows

Free Crochet Pattern - Cute Crochet BowsImage: whistleandivy

Polka Dot Hair Bows:

diy hair bowsImage: positivelysplendid

Crochet Bow Hair Clips:

Crochet Bow Hair ClipsImage: theglitterinmytea

Ridiculously Easy Bows:

Ridiculously Easy BowsImage: lifeunfluffed

Crochet Bow Tutorial:

Crochet Bow Pattern - great for hair clips or any accessoryImage: everythingetsy

DIY Ribbon Gift Wrap – Gift Idea

DIY/ Gift Wrap Ideas Image: youtube

Crochet Bow Hair Clips:

Crochet Christmas Bow Hair Clip Bow HeadbandImage: revistaartesanato.com.br

Fabric Bows With Lace:

DIY hair bowsImage: lifeispoppin

Crochet Bow Pattern – Great For Hair Clips

Crochet Bow Pattern - great for hair clips or any accessoryImage: everythingetsy

Cool Hair Bow:

DIY Hair Bow IdeasImage: brassyapple

Crochet Bow With Pony Tail Holder – Great Idea

crochet bow hair tieImage: vanillajoy

Football Hair Bow:

Football Hair BowImage: hairbowsuppliesetc

Bow Applique Crochet Girl – Rainbow Bows

Crochet Bow PatternImage: craftsy

DIY Bow Necklace – Gift Idea

diy small gift - diy bow necklaceImage: iwearabow

Surprise Party – Bow Belt

Leather Bow belt.Image: rebekahgough.blogspot

Pretty Bow Sweater In The Back – Refashion Jumper

Image: styleoholic

Pretty Leather Bow:

diy pretty leather bow bracelet fab art diyImage: fabartdiy

DIY Hair Bows:

DIY hair bowsImage: iwearabow

Bow Hair Style:

 Easy DIY Hairstyle IdeasImage: howtoinstructions.org


No-Sew-BowImage: whydontyoumakeme

No-Sew Felt Bow Tutorial:

No-Sew Felt Bow TutorialImage: brendid

Fabric Bow Napkin Rings:

DIY Fabric Bow Napkin RingsImage: prettyprudent

Fabric Bow Planner Clip:

Fabric Bow Planner Clip | No Sew | DIY Mother's Day Gift IdeasImage: youtube

Bow With Burlap:

 Bow with BurlapImage: thetallytales

Crochet Bow Ring:

crochet bow ringImage: jessicabiscoe.co.uk

DIY Burlap Bow:

DIY Burlap BowImage: funkyjunkinteriors.net

Sequin Bow Clips:

Sequin Bow ClipsImage: sayyes

Big Bow Pillow:

Big Bow PillowImage: sayyes

Bow Belt – DIY

Bow BeltImage: sincerelykinsey

Crocheted Bow:

Crocheted Bow Image: happytogetherbyjess

Ice Cream Hair Bow:

Ice cream hair bow, Ice cream birthday, Ice cream birthday party, Ice cream birthday party ideas, Ice cream party pins, Ice cream hair bow, Ice cream bowImage: itsalwaysautumn

Leg Protector Ribbon Bow:

Crochet Socks in One Color and Then Add Contrasting Ribbon Bows Image: raeannkelly

School Hair Bows:

Hair Bow IdeasImage: jessiekdesign

Bow Flip Flops:

Bow Flip FlopsImage: houseofcurls.blogspot

Felt Bow Tutorial:

Felt bow tutorial ideas Image: kikicomin

Pink Bow Napkins & Copper Monogram Napkin Rings:

DIY Pink Bow Napkins & Copper Monogram Napkin Rings - learn to craft these quick andImage: birdsparty

Pinwheel Bow Set School Bows:

 Pinwheel Bow Set School BowsImage: consumercrafts

Bridal Updo Bow Bun:

DIY wedding hair ideas bridal updo bow bunImage: onewed

Scrap-Busting Hair Bows:

Scrap-Busting Hair BowsImage: prettyprudent

 Bow For Gift Box -Sprinkle Paper Bows

diy bow for gift boxImage: designeatrepeat

Dog Bow Tie Ring Bearer Collar:dog bow tie with beltImage: helpfulhomemade

Collar Bows & Bow Ties For Dogs:

handmade gift bowImage: momtastic

Duct Tape Bow:

Duct Tape BowImage: yourhomebasedmom

14 DIY Wonderful Advent Calendar Ideas

Calendars are something that everyone needs at home to stay aware of the important days and dates and also to make their own schedules and plan occasions.

Here we will present to your 14 DIY Wonderful Advent Calendar great and phenomenal ideas for making diy wonderful advent calendars which are quite different from the usual calendars made with some unique ideas and crafts all by yourself with easy crafts available at home already. How does it sound to grab some colorful buttons at home to make a wonderful calendar?

Next we have another creatively designed calendar which is so much fun to make and use both. Also we have shared a tutorial about how to make a chalkboard calendar with tiny colorful flags to make indications. Then we have a perpetual calendar where you have to just tear off the previous date and day every day without changing the month before 30 days.

Next we have some treat bag project as you can see made with a little extra effort to make an extra ordinary calendar. This washy tape calendar is quite easy and simple and can be easily done by the teens at your home for their own rooms and walls in order to keep check of the dates and days passing by every month. We can also make a service calendar instead of a usual calendar to keep check of only the 25 days of service etc. as you can see in this next project that we have. Why not use magnets for making a diy calendar at home? Grab some magnets and try making this magnetic wall calendar using different colors. Then we have a paint chip calendar which is also very attractive and soothing to the eyes. Besides this we have other calendar ideas according to the latest trends such as instagram calendars.

Try these exciting and unique calendars this year and also share the ideas with your friends and family. Follow the link given below each project to learn more about the project and for tutorial as well.

Framed Button Calendar:

The Framed Button CalendarImage: makezine

Advent Calendar:

Image: themerrythought

 Chalkboard Calendar:

Image: ispydiy

Perpetual Calendar:

perpetual calendarImage: abeautifulmess

Holiday Season Advent Calendars:

Image: bfloral

Treat Bags Advent Calendar:

Christmas Advent Calendar Treat BagsImage: thefoxandstar.co.uk

Washi Tape Calendar:

Image: trendencias

Flair Advent Calendar:

Flair Advent CalendarImage: studiodiy

Days Of Service Calendar:

Image: iheartnaptime.net

Magnetic Wall Calendar:

Image: shelterness

Modern Advent Calendar From Sweet Escape:

family wall calendarImage: thesweetescape.ca

Paint Chip Calendar:

Image: instructables

Easy Christmas Advent Calendar:

Easy Christmas Advent Calendar (great kids craft activity-- it's inexpensive, quick,Image: makinglemonadeblog

Instagram Calendar: DIY

instagram calendarImage: typepad

Top 10 DIY Ways To Reuse Makeup For Crafts

If you have some old discarded make up at home which you no longer use then you are on the same boat with so many ladies. This is why people have invented Top 10 DIY Ways To Reuse Makeup For Crafts.

Here are so many beautiful and gorgeous trendy ideas that will help you make use of that old makeup which is not of use anymore. The first project that we have here is diy faux crystals which are also derived from the old fashion wax. Like most of us you must be having some plenty of eye shadows in your make up collection that is never used by you as you only use some of your patent and favorite eye shadow colors so here is an idea to make a painting out of those eye shadows which will turn out to be something very artistic and eye catching.

Grab some of your old confetti nail colors and try them on your phone cases just to make them look phenomenal and unique as you can see over here in this project. Also you can use your nail colors on your simple plain colored pendants in order to add a little spark to them depending on your own choice of colors and type of the nail color. Don’t you ever make a mistake of throwing your lip balm case as you can use that little adorable box for keeping your small jewelry items like your studs, rings etc. besides this you can also decorate your plain walls with the help of your old makeup and don’t need to spend lots of money on trendy wallpapers when you can do your own creativity in much less cost.

If you are on some medicine and don’t find a box for keeping them what’s the use of your old foundation powder box? Grab that little box and make it hold your medicines for you in place. All these diy make reuse for craft ideas are so amazing that you really want to try them anytime soon so watch the tutorials given in the links below the projects and follow the step by step instructions given in the tutorials.

Faux Crystals:

DIY Faux CrystalsImage: lovemaegan

Painting With Eyeshadow:

Painting With EyeshadowImage: runningwithagluegunstudio

Confetti Dot Phone Case: DIY

Confetti Dot Phone Case DIYImage: lulus

Nail Polish Pendant:

Nail Polish PendantImage: ohthelovelythings

Lip Balm Jewelry Box:

Lip Balm Jewelry BoxImage: amourtera

Makeup Wall Art:

Makeup Wall ArtImage: hellogwen

Dotted Glasses:

Dotted GlassesImage: xalingo.com.br

Pill Holder:

DIY Pill HolderImage: scrapreusedandrecycledartprojects.blogspot

Nail Polish Mugs:

Nail Polish MugsImage: thesweetestoccasion

Nail Polish Ornaments:

Nail Polish OrnamentsImage: the-nail-network

23 Gorgeous DIY Ring Bearer Pillow (Gift Ideas)

This latest fashion of ring bearing pillows is something that is gaining a lot of popularity among the couples who are planning an engagement ceremony.

Here are a lot of different projects that will help you make exciting 23 Gorgeous DIY Ring Bearer Pillow (Gift Ideas). The first project here is a rustic burlap idea for making this beautiful thing. This project needs natural burlap and with an intricate lace pattern that surrounds it and the ring to be tied up with an ivory Satan ribbon with a cute flower attached to it. For the next ring bearing pillow idea you need to have cotton battings, ribbon, needle and thread, iron, magna, heavy duty tape and napkins of your choice. Next we have a crochet ring bearing pillow which has a pillow on the inside, a crochet cover on the top and then a ribbon in the center to hold the ring and it will eventually end up in such a beautiful and attractive ring bearer pillows. Also you can make some felt flowers and then stick them over the burlap pillow and this gets you another idea for such projects. Besides this you can also make a silk fabric pillow and add some velvet flowers on top of it with a ribbon that can hold the ring and see how gorgeous this project has turned out to be.

Next we have a ring pillow made of linen which is very easy to make and looks very simple yet elegant. One of the most stylish of all these projects in this stripped denim ring bearing pillow which has many cylindrical pockets in it and you can place both the bride’s and the groom’s ring in it. You can also learn from the tutorial to make fabric flowers and then make a ring pillow with it. Next we have a ribbon ring design for a ring pillow. One of the most unique of all these ideas is this baseball ring pillow which is definitely sporty and is perfect for people who loves sports. Laces and doilies can also act as crafts for the pillows.

Next we have a calendar ring pillow which is surely the most amazing and inspiring as it reminds of the big day that’s going to come. Besides this you can also make this vintage ring pillow where linen is used as a fabric.

You must try these out next time you have a big day either of your own or of anyone else in your family. Tutorials are available with the projects in the links given below each project.

Rustic Burlap Ring Pillow:

Image: youtube

Ring Bearer Pillow:

Button Ring PillowImage: marthastewartweddings

Crochet Ring Pillow:

Image: youtube

Burlap Felt Flowers Ring Pillow:

burlap diy ring pillowImage: jetfeteblog

Burlap (No Sew) Ring Bearer Pillow:

handmade ring pillow designImage: somethingturquoise

Eyelet Ring Pillows:

 Eyelet Ring Pillow Image: marthastewartweddings

Velvet Leaf Ring Pillow:

Velvet Leaf Ring PillowImage: marthastewartweddings

Linen Ring Pillow:

 Linen Ring Pillow Image: diynetwork

Striped Denim Ring Pillow:

Striped Denim Ring Pillow Image: marthastewartweddings

Fabric Flower Ring Pillow:

Fabric Flower Ring Pillow Image: thepoppygroup

Ribbon Ring Pillow:

Ribbon Ring PillowImage: marthastewartweddings

Clover Ring Pillow:

Ring Bearer Pillow Ideas You Can Make on Your OwnImage: marthastewartweddings

Baseball Ring Pillow:

 Cute baseball theme!Image: ohlovelyday

Lace Doilies Ring Pillows:

Image: eleen

Calendar Ring Pillow:

diy calender ring pillowImage: beinspiredbride

Vintage Linen Ring Pillow:

Vintage Linen Ring PillowImage: marthastewartweddings

Big Flower Blush Ring Pillow:

Image: youtube

Ring Pillow – DIY Tutorial

 Beautiful DIY Ring Pillows To MakeImage: elephantineblog

Knitted Ring Pillow:

Knitted Ring PillowImage: marthastewartweddings

Rustic Handmade Ring Bearer Pillow:

Image: weddbook

Woven Ring Pillows:

Woven Ring Pillows for Stitch CraftImage: lindsaysews

Easy-to-Hold Ring Pillow:

Easy-to-Hold Ring Pillow Image: emmalinebride

Sequined Ring Pillow:

 Sequined Ring Pillow Image: marthastewartweddings

26 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Craft Ideas You Can Make

As we all know that thanksgiving is the nearest in the calendar these day so we must do some of the preparations beforehand for example making gifts for our loved ones.

Here we will share a few very easy and interesting ideas about how and what you can give to your friends and family this thanksgiving. The first project that we have here is a fall leaf mug made of metal where you can just simply take a mug and do some creativity either according to this particular project or any other creative and unique idea from your own mind.

Next we have turkey wreath which is also highly relevant to this festival and can be made very easily with just a few simple and basic crafts and a little extra effort. Have a look at this paper pumpkin which is also super easy and dramatically cute as a gift to be given on thanksgiving. Add some wax related idea too to this project like you can see this wax pencil art luminary. For all those food lovers around you, this Oreo turkey is also a perfect idea at the hi tea table for on the occasion of thanks giving.

Have a look at this pumpkin center piece a craft which looks super naughty and relevant at the same time and is very easy to make. We must never underestimate the power of greetings cards as they also have the ability to convey our emotions and affection for the receiver so here is an idea for making gilded thanksgiving cards for your loved ones. Besides this you can also make a lot of decoration pieces, love tokens and much more using fruits, corns and many other such food varieties.

Have a look at this thanksgiving banner or garland made with doily which looks amazing as a welcoming decorative item on your thanksgiving dinners and parties. There can be a variety of different and unique concepts that you can use to make your upcoming thanksgiving more and more special and colorful.

Try these exciting and cool 26 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Craft Ideas You Can Make and also try sharing them with your friends and family so that they can also add some spark to their thanksgiving this year. All the tutorials are available with the projects in the links given below the pictures so that you can follow the step by step instructions from there.

Metallic Fall Leaf Mug:

... Cool Metallic Fall Leaf Mug – Best Cool & Easy Thanksgiving Kid Craft Project IdeasImage: boredfastfood

Turkey Wreath:

DIY turkey wreath Thanksgiving craft, Simply Being MommyImage: simplybeingmommy

Paper Pumpkin:

Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids - Easy DIY Ideas to Make for Thanksgiving Image: minted

Wax Pencil Art Luminaria:

Wax Pencil Art Luminaria – Best Easy Funny DIY Thanksgiving Kid Project Craft IdeasImage: boredfastfood

OREO Turkeys:

 Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids - Thanksgiving crafts, treats and party ideas for kidsImage: ourbestbites

Pumpkin Centerpiece Craft:

Thanksgiving paper craftsImage: deavita.fr

Gilded Corn – Thanksgiving Place Cards

Gilded CornImage: freutcake

Turkey Glitter Globes:

 Hand-Marked Glitter TurkeyImage: ilovetocreateblog.blogspot

Pony Bead Indian Corn:

Pony Bead Indian Corn - Fun and easy Thanksgiving craft for the kids!Image: cutesycrafts

Thanksgiving Crafts For Elementary Students:

Thanksgiving crafts wallpapersImage: winterbluemusic

Holiday Pumpkin Turkey:

Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids - Easy DIY Ideas to Make for ThanksgivingImage: growingupbilingual

Thanksgiving Pear Decorations:

Fruit Decorations Thanksgiving Table Decor With Fruits .Image: jessicaburns

Thanksgiving Doily Banner:

This DIY Thanksgiving banner is REALLY easy to make - just use paper doilies from theImage: modpodgerocksblog

Thankful Tree:

Make a Thankful Tree - A Kid's Thanksgiving Craft - The DIY MommyImage: thediymommy

Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids - Easy DIY Ideas to Make for ThanksgivingImage: diyinspired

Halloween Mummy Tutorial:

kids thanks giving table decorationImage: hellolucky

Paper Bag Turkey:

 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids - Easy Ideas for Thanksgiving Kids TableImage: onecharmingparty

Fireplace Mantel Thanksgiving Theme Decor:

Fireplace Mantel Thanksgiving Theme Decor ThanksgivingImage: centsationalstyle

Corny Cookies:

Candy Corn on the Cob Image: justshortofcrazy

Pumpkin Card Holders:

DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards: Easy Pumpkin Card HoldersImage: consumercrafts

 Turkey Cup:

Easy Turkey Cup.Image: annaandblue.blogspot

Hanging Turkey Hands:

Thanksgiving Crafts: DIY Hanging Turkey Hands, GluenGlitter Kids craftImage: busycreatingmemories

Gratitude Banner:

Thanksgiving BannerImage: mom.me

Thanksgiving Door Wreath:

Thanksgiving WreathsImage: stonegableblog

Fall Leaf Garland:

Thanksgiving Decoration ProjectsImage: makeanddocrew

Wire Pumpkin Table Decor:

fall interior design fauxImage: craftpassion

30 DIY Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

In today’s world of pollution and non-ecofriendly environment, we really need to focus on some ecofriendly ideas in every field of life. Here we will try our best to give you some interesting 30 DIY Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas.

All these projects will help you wrap gifts beautifully and surprise your family and friends with your creativity and also save the environment by using material that is not dangerous to the nature. The first project that we have here is gift wrap made with the most commonly used crafts these days which is felt sheets. Also you can add some light to your gift wraps like you can see in this next project. Besides this some gold color will definitely add some spark to your gift wraps. This gold color can be in form of a golden ribbon or gold foil as you can see over here in this project. Grandma’s favorite laces have always been very trendy and classic so here is an idea to decorate your gifts with the lace washy wraps that can make your simple present shine like anything. Copper is something that has not only been very cool to play with but also comes in different forms such as dry copper leaves which can help you decorate your gift items in the most exciting way possible. Try doing some artwork along with come copper to decorate your gift items.

The next one that we have is basically a DIY last minute gift wrapping idea when you have nothing in mind but you only know how to do paper flowers so you can make some paper flowers and stick them on to your gifts in order to make the other person feel special about their special days. If you are planning for Christmas gifts you can wrap your gifts with the Santa theme as you can see over here. We can also play with the tags on top of our gifts so that they can look more and more interesting and tempting. Besides all this you can simply select a simple brown wrapping paper and decorate it with some exciting and cool candles or any other thing crafted with the washy paper. You can also customize your gift wrapping on the basis of gender of the other person that you are giving the gift to like here we have a dress shirt crafted on to the gift box if you are giving it to a male. If you are so short of ideas and don’t feel like doing any crafting, just paint a bow on your simply wrapped plain colored gift.

Here we have also sued a gold leaf for decorating your gift. The next thing that we see over here is a mouse made with a gift wrap that really seems to be interesting for the kids. Also you can do heart cut out on your gift box that surprisingly looks adorable and smooth to the eyes.

Try these wonderful and eye catching diy ecofriendly gift wrapping ideas and follow the links given below the pictures to find out how the projects have been done and what list of supplies have been sued in these projects.

Felt & Paper Gift Wrap:

DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas With Paper And Felt Image: fairypin

Last-Minute Lighting Gift Wrap:

 Last-Minute DIY Gift Wrapping IdeasImage: burlapandblue

Gold Accented Holiday Gift Wrap:

Gift Wrapping Ideas For ChristmasImage: 100layercake

Lace Washi Wrap:

 DIY Gift Wrapping IdeasImage: creaturecomfortsblog

Craft & Copper Gift Wrap:

3 Kraft and Copper DIY Gift Wrapping IdeasImage: consumercrafts

Rudolph Gift Wrap:

Rudolph Gift WrapImage: yummymummyclub.ca

Flower Gift Wrap:

Unique DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for ChristmasImage: lilyandval

Pop Of Color Gift Wrap:

Pop of colour gift wrapImage: thesweetestoccasion

Holiday Lights Gift Wrap:

diy gift wrapping designImage: burlapandblue

Secret Santa DIY Presents & Gift Wrapping:

Secret santa DIY presents and gift wrapping ideasImage: berries

Shabby Chic Present Wrap:

Shabby Chic Christmas Present Wrapping Ideas - Vintage inspired, pink, kraft, white linenImage: thediymommy

Gift Wrap With Watermelon Tags:

 DIY Handmade Gift Wrapping Paper Ideas & Tutorials Image: twinkletwinklelittleparty

Washi Birthday Candles Gift Wrap:

washi birthday candles Image: anastasia-marie

Scrapbook Paper Gift Bags:

scrapbook paper gift bagsImage: elli

Lights Gift Wrap:

 Christmas Lights gift wrapImage: handmadecharlotte

Professional-Looking Gift Bags:

Professional-Looking Gift BagsImage: abeautifulmess

Gift Wrap Idea For Men:

DIY Gift Wrap Idea for MenImage: youtube

Painted On Bow Gift Wrap:

Exclusive DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas You Won’t Find In A StoreImage: mycakies

Wrap It Up With Love:

Gift Wrap IdeasImage: monikahibbs

Gift Wrapping Idea For Holiday:

DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for the HolidayImage: momming

Gold Leafed Feather DIY Gift Wrap:

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas for Your InspirationImage: landeeseelandeedo

Gift Wrapping Using Labels:

diy gift wrap ideasImage: onlinelabels

Holiday Mouse Gift Wrap:

DIY holiday mouse gift wrapImage: handmadecharlotte

Last Minute DIY Deco Art Gift Wrap:

Deco Art Gift Wrap IdeasImage: southernrevivals

Heart Cut Out Gift Wrap:

DIY Valentine Wrapping IdeasImage: thehousethatlarsbuilt

Cat TP Roll Gift Boxes:

Cat TP Roll Gift Boxes. A super cute upcycled project come gift wrap idea.Image: redtedart

Sequin Exciting Gift Wrap – No Bow Quick Gift Wrap

No Bow, DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas, Exciting Gift Wrapping Ideas this Holiday SeasonImage:  yahoo

3Paper Wreath Gift Topper:

3Paper Wreath Gift TopperImage: asubtlerevelry

Gift Wrap For Mother’s Day:

Hand lettered #diy gift wrap for Mother's DayImage: papernstitchblog

Wedding Gift Wrap Idea With Cute Flowers:

gift wrapping ideasImage: missbizibee

17 Cute & Easy DIY Mason Jar Ideas

Let us discuss some of the exciting yet easy Mason jar ideas. All these projects will only require useless empty mason jars and some basic crafting material to make adorable diy decorative and useful items.

The first project that we have here is a 17 Cute & Easy DIY Mason Jar Ideas which is a perfect thought to have this fall. These are so simple to make and you can do easily. Next project involves using some stencils ideas to make these gorgeous little monsters which are perfect as a decorative item for your house. Have a look at this shamrock Mason jar that you can easily make yourself and seems to be completely eligible to be a corner decoration piece in your informal living area.

Next we have another masterpiece made out of empty mason jars and it’s basically a lightening pendant style technique which is no doubt attention grabbing and attractive. Besides this you can also do crafting technique with the mason jars as you can see over here. Also try painting the jars with exciting spray paint colors.

You can also decorate your mason jars with the Halloween theme. Besides all of these ideas we also have many other creative ideas about how you can use empty mason jars using your creative skills in order to make some extra ordinary pieces of art. Detailed descriptions along with the tutorials are available for every project in the links given below the picture.

Also share these ideas with your friends and family to amaze them with these. All these Mason jar projects will definitely help you decor your house in a whole new and creative style.

DIY Leaf Mason Jars:

diy mason jars, diy leaf mason jars. diy ideas

Image: sparkandchemistry

Nobby  Decor Mason Jar Ideas:

diy painted mason jar, diy craft ideas, diy simple mason jars

Image: homepainting

Shamrock Mason Jar DIY Craft:

golden mason jar, diy mason jar, diy beautiful mason jar, diy ideas

Image: masonjarcraftslove

Vintage Pendant Lighting Mason Jar:

hanging mason jars, diy hanging ideas, mason jar hanging ideas

Image: diyprojects

Mason Jar Lanterns Crafting With Kids:

lantern mason jar, diy lantern jars, diy hanging jar ideas

Image: suburble

DIY Painted Mason Jar Idea:

DIY mason jars, painted mason jars, diy painted mason jar ideas, painted crafts

Image: Youtube

Mason Jar Halloween Flowers:

Nice mason jar, diy mason jar ideas, do it yourself ideas, diy flower mason jar, diy decor mason jar

Image: marlameridith

Adorable Ideas For Mason Jar:

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Image: ebizbydesign

DIY Wedding Projects Mason Jars:

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Image: kermitalemlerde

Cool DIY Projects For Teenagers:

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Image:  prettyprovidence

DIY Easter Mason Jars Ideas:

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Image: mommysavers

Valentines Mason Jar DIY:

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Image: craftsonfire

 Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids:

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Image: craftriver

DIY Pencil Holder Mason Jar Idea:

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Image: theshabbycreekcottage

Glitter Monogram Mason Mug idea:

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Image: masonjarcraftslove

Cute & Easy DIY Mason Jar Crafts:

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Bathroom Storage & Accessories Mason Jar Ideas DIY:

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DIY 14 Room Decor Ideas For Home Improvement

Home decoration is something which is the most interesting activity one can adopt. Besides being interesting home decoration is also something that pulls put creativity from within you and makes you realize about your own potential.

Here we will present to you DIY 14 Room Decor Ideas For Home Improvement exciting idea about how you can decorate your home in the most easiest and creative ways possible. The first project that we will share with you, are the tape picture frames which will look great anywhere in the house depending on your own choice. The next project that we have here are flower wall hangings which are also appropriate for any wall of your house be it the informal lounge, kitchen or any corridor. Have a look at these hanging lights which are very classy and elegant and are perfect when you so want to impress your friends with your home decoration skills.

On of most favorite among all these projects is the rustic photo ladder which is made by using the ladder idea and looks perfect as you can see over here. Next we have some modern shelves in the triangle shape most appropriate for the empty walls of the house and this will turn them into something that will surely catch attention of your friends stepping into your house. Here is an idea for a very unique lamp shade that you can try for the side table in any of your room. This is a diy ruffle lamp made with the frilling technique and looks urban contemporary style. Next we have a vertical book shelf that you can see over here which will look great for your library area or any room where you want to place your books. This next project will definitely attract people who look forward to keep magazines and newspapers at a particular place as it’s a diy magazine storage. You can also make a beautiful heart wall hanging made with paper in different beautiful papers.

Next project is also related to the collection of photographs that you have at your home and you have no idea where decorate them, this is a framed clothesline photo display idea which is very simple and easy to do. Besides these idea you can also make some wind beads like you can see over here for your rooms or corridors. The next project that we have here is basically unique and very different form usual ideas and these are some skate boards used as wall racks for the small items. Also you can do some canvas ideas for the empty and boring walls at your home with some easy and attention grabbing paintings as you can see over here.

Try at least some of these above discussed ideas to enhance the beauty of your house especially if you are planning to have a house warming party, these ideas will work perfectly well for that.

Tape Picture Frames : DIY

diy wall decor ideas, wall decor with tape, washi tape decor wall

Image: designsponge

Flowers Wall Hanging Idea:

flower wall decor ideas, diy flower decor ideas, diy wall decor ideas for room

Image: sweetteal

Hanging Lights For Patio:

diy room decor ideas, diy hanging lamp ideas, diy home decoration ideas

Image: architectureartdesigns

DIY Rustic Photo Ladder:

diy room decor ideas, diy stairs decor ideas, diy stairs decor with photos

Image: creative-ambitions

Modern Triangle Shelves:

room decor, diy home decor, diy wall decor

Image: themerrythought

Ruffle Lamp Idea For Room Decor:

room decor with lamp, diy lamp ideas for room decor, ruffle lamp ideas

Image: takingcareofmonkeybusiness

Vertical Bookshelf DIY Room Decor:

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Image: itsoverflowing

Magazine Storage: DIY

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Image: lezoemusings

 Paper Heart Wall Art:

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Image: allthingssimpleandsweetprojects

DIY Framed Clothesline Photo Display:

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Image: napadynavody

Wall Hanging Storage Idea:

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Image: lezoemusings

Adorable DIY Room Decor Idea:

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Image: dwellbeautiful

Teen Skateboards Room Decor Ideas:

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Image: inspirationfeed

DIY Wall Art Ideas For Decoration:

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Image: swoonworthy

24 Super Easy Beginner Knitting Projects

As winter is near and we must make some of the arrangements beforehand. Here we will particularly share creative and basic 24 Super Easy Beginner Knitting Projects which will include different knitted items that will bring out the creative being from inside you.

First of all we have some knitted headband with an owl pattern which is absolutely perfect for you this season as it’s a whole new knit pattern that you can easily learn from the tutorial given with this project. Next we have a simple knitted bow which can be used anywhere and has a basic knit pattern. Have a look at this knitted baby bobble hat beautifully and neatly knitted in a very less time. Also you can make booties for the baby so that they can wear a complete set this winter in exciting and fascinating colors. Next we have a pair of knitted ankle socks for the adults and are so comfy and stylish that you will definitely want to try them sooner than anyone else. Have a look at these adorable crochet baby monsters that we have shared for your little ones. The next project that we have here is one of my all winter time favorites, it’s a diy double Dutch cable cowls made with exciting fish blue color but you can choose the color of your own choice.

Also you can make some cool knitted scarves with the basic crochet designs in different colors for your daily winter wear. Why not try making some crochet dishcloth with the leftover yarn from the other projects as they are always a need in our bathrooms. Fingerless gloves and crochet beanie ideas are also something that will amaze you when you will end up making them by putting a little bit of extra effort. The next project that we have is quite unique and unusual and it’s a buttoned wrist wrap made with crochet yarn for this winter which is stylish and cool at the same time. You cannot ignore this beautiful and cute little crochet turtle. You can also make baskets for small items as you can see over here. Besides this we have a cozy and comfortable crochet neck warmer project along with the tutorial, color block boot cuffs which are stylish and trendy.

Share these attractive and eye catching ideas with your friends also so that they can also have the winter excitement at a whole new level this time. The tutorials are also available with the projects that you can find in the link given below each project.

Knit Owl Headband Pattern:

Knit Owl Headband PatternImage: pilgrimpurse.blogspot.in

Knit A Beginner-Friendly Bow:

crochet bowImage: craftsy

Crochet Bobble Hat:

crochet cap for babiesImage: curioushandmade

Crochet Cuffed Baby Booties:

Crochet Cuffed Baby BootiesImage: repeatcrafterme

Yellow Ankle Socks:

yellow ankle socksImage: youtube

Crochet Baby Monster:

Baby MonsterImage: craftyiscool.blogspot.sk

Double Dutch Cabled Cowl:

crochet cowlImage: wordpress

Knitted Scarves:

knitting pattern scarfImage: marthastewart

Crochet Peasy Socks:

free easy knitting sock patternImage: freshstitches

Easy Knit Dishcloth:

Easy Knit DishclothImage: instructables

Basic Knitting Patterns For Babies:

The Basic Knitting Patterns For BabiesImage: mackandmabel.blogspot

Lace Leaves Washcloth Knitting Pattern:

New Free Washcloth Knitting PatternImage: tricksyknitter

Lace Knit Finger-less Gloves

Lace knit fingerless glovesImage: craftsy

Seven Dwarves Beanie:

free easy knitting patterns for beginners hatsImage: knittingmatters

Easiest Baby Booties:

Knitting Pattern for the Easiest Baby Booties Image: gina-michele

Buttoned Wristlets Knitting Pattern:

Easy Knitting PatternsImage: tricksyknitter

Crochet Turtle:

Easy Knitting Projects For BeginnersImage: knittingmatters

Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern:

crochet fingerless glovesImage: ravelry

Cable Knit Headband:

Cable knit headbandImage: craftsy

Wheatland Basket Knit Pattern:

crochet basket, basket for storageImage: anniescatalog

Buttercup Chunky Neckwarmer:

Buttercup Chunky Neckwarmer Knitting PatternImage: craftsy

Wristers Knitting Pattern:

Free Knitting Pattern for Really Easy WristersImage: 400squareftliving.blogspot

Ribbed Pom Hat:

Beginner Easy Ribbed Pom HatImage: allfreeknitting

Color Block Boot Cuffs:

Color Block Boot Cuffs FREE Knitting Pattern for BeginnersImage: ravelry