36 DIY Dream Catcher To Beautify Your Space – DIY and Crafts

In some of the culture in the world a dream catcher is supposed to be a handmade willow hoop over which a web is woven with some feathers and beads. It is believed by some American Indians that this is supposed to give the owner good dreams.

Here are some beautiful and attention grabbing 36 DIY Dream Catcher To Beautify Your Space. Also you can create some dream catcher projects for your personal use as well such as you can see this dream catcher pendant over here which is truly amazing and looks way too stylish. Besides this if you have party coming up at your house you can definitely create some amazing dream catchers as a party stuff to add some extra ordinary spark to your party.

Have a look at this unicorn dream catcher project that will help you make some beautiful party decoration materials. The more you add colors to this project the more it will be attractive and eye catching. There are various ideas of where and how you can use these dream catchers in your house such as for wall decoration for gifting purposes and much more. You can even create some beautiful flower bouquet with these dream catchers as you can see over here.

All these dream catchers are so amazing that you will definitely want to try them soon. Do share the ideas with your friends as well so that they can also make some unique items for their house and personal use. Do watch the tutorials in the links given below the projects for your convenience and help.

 Dream Catcher Pendant:

Dream Catcher Necklace, Dream Catcher PendantImage: cutoutandkeep.net

DIY Dream Catcher Party Craft:

DIY Dream Catcher Party Craft Image: tazandbelly

DIY Unicorn Dream-catcher:

DIY UNICORN DREAMCATCHERImage: hellowonderful.co

Colorful DIY Dreamcatcher:

DIY DreamcatcherImage: iddlepeeps

Modern Day DIY Dream Catcher:

modern day DIY dream catcherImage: ssww

Unicorn Dreamcatchers -Home Decor

gorgeous diy dream catcherImage: hellowonderful.co

Modern Woven Dreamcatcher:

Modern Woven Dreamcatcher Image: urbanoutfitters

Dreamcatcher For Wall Decor:

wonderful dreamcatcherImage: worthpinning

Easy DIY Kid’s Dream Catcher:

Easy DIY Kid's Dream CatcherImage: kiddiematters

Quilled Dream Catcher – DIY Dream Catcher

Quilled Dream Catcher, DIY Dream Catcher, Quilling art,quilling patterns,Quilling paper,quilling tools,quilling supplies,Birthday gifts, gift ideasImage: youtube

Dreamcatcher Flowers Bouquet:

DIY Dreamcatcher flowersImage: funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk

Dreamcatcher With Things Around The House:

Dreamcatcher With Things Around the HouseImage: snapguide

Dream Catcher For Nursery:

 DIY Dream Catcher For Nursery Image: ballonblancshop

DIY Fall Dream Catcher:

DIY Fall Dream Catcher -- If you love the delicate, boho style of aImage: heyletsmakestuff

DIY Leaf Dream Catcher:

DIY Leaf Dream CatcherImage: delineateyourdwelling

White Lace, Feather Dream Catcher:

Gorgeous DIY Dreamcatcher IdeaImage: forcreativejuice

Shabby Chic Doily & Ribbon Dream Catcher:

Shabby chic doily and ribbon dream catcherImage: patcatans

Vintage Dreamcatchers:

DIY DreamcatcherImage: rejectshop.com.au

Farmhouse Style Dreamcatcher:

Farmhouse Style DreamcatcherImage: makingitinthemountains

Fall Dreamcatcher Wreath Door Decor Tutorial:

DIY fall dreamcatcher wreath doorImage: diyshowoff

Shabby Vintage Doily DIY Dream Catcher:

diy dream catcherImage: mysocalledcraftylife

Exotic Dream Catcher Earrings – DIY Style Tutorial

Exotic Dream Catcher Earrings - DIY Style Tutorial - GuidecentralImage: youtube

Feather & Lace Dreamcatcher:

handmade feather and lace dreamcatcherImage: kirklands

Dreamcatcher For Bedroom:

Dream Catcher Craft for KidsImage: foodlovinfamily

Doily Lace Dreamcatchers:

DIY Dream CatcherImage: bohobuys

Rainbow Dreamcatchers:

DIY Dream CatcherImage: onecrazymom

Gorgeous Unicorn Dreamcatcher:

DIY Unicorn DreamcatchersImage: hellowonderful.co

Hexagon DIY Dreamcatcher:

DIY Dreamcatcher Craft for Kids Image: consumercrafts

Dreamcatcher – DIY Tutorial

butterfly dreamcatcherImage: onecrazymom

Dream Catcher Craft Kids:

diy dream catcher craft kidsImage: projectkid

Handmade Amazing Dreamcatchers:

colorful dreamcatcher, rainbowImage: artbarblog

DIY Woven CD Dreamcatcher:

CD dream catcherImage: pinkstripeysocks

Simple Tutorial Dream-catcher:

dreamcatcher with this simple tutorialImage: sheknows

DIY Beautiful & Unique Dream Catcher:

DIY Beautiful and Unique Dream Catcher IdeaImage: totalgirl.com.au

DIY Kid-Friendly Dream Catcher:

DIY Kid-Friendly Dream CatcherImage: urbanmoms.ca

Crochet Doily Dreamcatcher:

DIY DREAM CATCHERImage: hellomay.com.au

12 Amazing DIY Ideas With Paint Chip

These are some exciting yet easy 12 Amazing DIY Ideas With Paint Chip that you will definitely find relatable and budget friendly.

The first project here is a wall art paint chip idea that you can do for any of the simple and boring walls at your house. Similarly you can also create paint chip calendars for this you need to have paint chips, a frame, background paper you have to trip the paint chip paper to the desired size and attach the background paper to the back of the frame. Also you can create a beautiful paint chip wreath with a little bit of the effort to create this extra ordinary useful masterpiece.

Have a look at this cutlery setting with the help of paint chip to impress your guests at the dinner. Paint chip frames are also an intelligent idea to do with and you can beautify your walls with this technique.

This paint swatch clock is also something amazing that has been intelligently designed and you can follow the tutorial to see the step by step instructions and detailed descriptions of the project. For your kid’s room you can create wonderful and attractive paint chip garlands easily by a few steps. Also you can engage your kids in many such paint chip related activities for them to have fun and also to create some amazing items.

Share these interesting and beautiful ideas with your friends also and explore your creative skills by doing such projects this season. All these diy ideas with paint chip really worth a try.

 Paint Chip Wall:

An Entire WallImage: paperyandcakery

Paint Chip Art:

DIY Projects Made With Paint Chips - DIY Paint Chip Art - Best Creative Crafts,Image: stylesmaller

Paint Chip Calendar:

DIY Projects Made With Paint Chips - DIY Paint Chip Calendar - Best Creative Crafts,Image: lisalovesjohn

Paint Chip Wreath:

DIY Projects Made With Paint Chips - Paint Chip Wreath - Best Creative Crafts, EasyImage: styleathome

Paint Chip Place Setting:

DIY Projects Made With Paint Chips - Paint Chip Place Setting - Best Creative Crafts,Image: sewmanyways.blogspot

Paint Chip Frame: DIY

super paint chip frameImage: thedecorfix

Paint Swatch Clock:

diy clock, paint chip clockImage: kojo-designs

Colorful Mobiles & Garland Kids Room:

Colorful mobiles and garland kids room decor made from paint chips Image: bellini

Paint Chip Color Matching Activity:

Cool DIY Ideas With Paint ChipsImage: munchkinsandmoms

Chevron Ombre Necklace:

DIY Projects Made With Paint Chips - DIY Paint Chip Chevron Ombre Necklace - Best CreativeImage: bywilma

Pantone Magnets:

 DIY Projects Using Paint ChipsImage: howaboutorange.blogspot

Wall Art With Paint Swatches:

quick and easy paint wall artImage: homedit

21 DIY Chair Leg Protectors – Cute Furniture Protectors

If you often buy an expensive piece of furniture and then end up ruining it due to improper care .then we are on the same boat. Those beautiful chairs and furniture at our home definitely needs some kinds of protection from different factors that can destroy their beauty and look so have a look at these surprisingly easy 21 DIY Chair Leg Protectors – Cute Furniture Protectors.

We will discuss a few ideas that are budget friendly and can be used to protect your furniture. The first project that you see over here are adorable chair protectors that will definitely protect your chair legs form ruining due to friction on the floor and other cleaning procedures on the floor. Then we have some other wool chair leg protectors that look equally amazing and quite naughty by looks so try them out using your basic knitting skills. Similarly you can knit stripped chair socks by knitting too. Have a look at these super soft velvet chair leg protectors that are almost like sofa to the chair legs.

You can also create long chair leg socks like here in this next project that will protect the whole chair leg from bottom to top from climatic and other factors that can ruin them. you can also chair legs in cat paw style as you can see in this next project , you only have to be cat love for this and you are going to love this projects to bits. Similarly if you have love in your heart for gardening, you can cut the green felt sheet in a grass shape and then turn them into the chair leg protectors. For these projects you can use many fabrics such as wool, jute, leather and many varieties depending on your own choice and availability.

Follow the tutorials of these diy chair leg protectors given in the links below these projects in order to follow them step by step and protect your furniture legs such as table’s chairs, sofa bottoms.

Chair Socks Floor Protector Table Legs:

Diy chair leg protectors strong Diy Chair Leg Protectors LuxuryImage: thebudgetdecorator

Wool Chair Protectors:

Christmas Chair socks, Christmas home Cristmas decor, Floor protector, chair leg socks, table socks, home decor, Eco-friendly gift, Crochet a Red, White and Green Christmas Themed Sock Set Image: etsy

Striped Chair Socks:

Chair socks,Floor protector,Gray,Table legs cover,Chair leg socks,Chairs accessories,Wool,Home decor,Eco-friendly giftImage: ravelry

Chair Leg Protector Sofa Table:

 Pcs/Set Creative Cute Cloth Round Chair Leg Protector Sofa Table Foot Socks MatImage: diyandcrafts

Chair Leg Covers:

 Clever, Over-the-top, Ridiculous Christmas Decor Ideas you would only find on Pinterest. Chair Leg CoversChairImage: mommyshorts

Crochet Leg Protector With Bow:

Diy chair leg protectors unconventional Image: hydhouse

Chair Socks Cat Paw:

chair socks cat paw cat feet hand knit knitted crochet floor protector funny accessories quirky gift idea unique decor Mother's Day gifImage: crochetidea

Grass Inspired Furniture Leg Protectors:

Cute DIY Furniture Leg Protector IdeaImage: amazinginteriordesign

Love Chair Leg Cover:

Love chair leg coversChair socks Floor protectorImage: plus3crochet.blogspot

Gray,Table Legs Cover:

Chair socks,Floor protector,Gray,Table legs cover,Chair leg socks,Chairs accessories,Wool,Home decor,Eco-friendly giftImage: etsy

Leather Leg Protector:

 Diy chair leg protectors strong Diy Chair Leg Protectors Latest Wool Booties Laced UpImage: tieray

Floor Protector – Cozy Legwarmer

Floor protector, Chair socks, table legs cover, chair leg socks, table socks, cozy legwarmer, home decor, Eco-friendly giftImage: etsy

Drawstring Pouch Inspired Covers:

Diy chair leg protectors greaImage: hydhouse

Custom Chair Socks – Pure Wool

Custom Chair Socks Wool Floor ProtectorsImage: etsy

Knitting Pattern Cat Paw Chair Leg Covers:

Knitting Pattern Cat Paw Chair Leg Covers DIYImage: ravelry

Old Socks Leg Protectors:

diy socks leg protectorImage: onecrazyhouse

Handmade Rope Chair Protector:

Diy chair leg protectors pleasant socks cozy covers floor protector furniture accessories home decor eco friendlyImage: hydhouse

Cat Paw Crochet Covers- Cuteness & Fun

Cute DIY Furniture Leg Protector IdeasImage: boredpanda

Chair Leg Sock:

Chair leg cover,Floor protector,Socks,Wool socks,Chair leg sock,Table socks, Home interiors accessories,Home decor details,Eco-friendly giftImage: etsy

Crochet Easy Chair Gliders:

Chair socks,Floor protector,Gray,Table legs cover,Chair leg socks,Chairs accessories,Wool,Home decor,Eco-friendly giftImage: pinterest.co.uk

Elf Leg Covers:

Christmas is Coming So Elf Leg Covers Would be Just So Cool Image: acmoore

20 DIY Cloud Decorations With Lights – Top Tutorials

Let us introduce you all with some of the latest decorative themes this season. Here are 20 DIY Cloud Decorations With Lights – Top Tutorials that you can easily do for your home to surprise your friends, family and yourself.

The first project that we have that we have here is a cloud lamp made with polyester pillow batting, light bulb, and paper lantern. Staring at the clouds while you are lying down is very relaxing and eye soothing so there is no better idea than this. All these diy cloud decoration idea are perfect for your house warming parties and get together as these decorations eventually changes the mood of the house completely. Next we have some other exciting and attractive cloud lamp tutorials for you to know how to follow the steps for these projects. You can easily find the tutorials in the links given below the pictures. W

e can also make hanging clouds along with these supplies in order to make your room look great. Besides this you can also attach string lights below your cloud to give a rainy look as you can see in this next project. You can also add a led light that has changing colors so that you can change the moods of your room and your house.

You must try these diy cloud decoration lights this weekend along with your friends so that you can enjoy making them and eventually end up making these masterpieces.

DIY Cloud Lamp:

DIY Cloud LampImage: homedit

DIY Glow Cloud Lamp:

 DIY Disney Cloud LightImage: youtube

Gorgeous Cloud Lamp Tutorial:

colorful cloud lightsImage: youtube

Hanging Cloud Light Lamp:

IR Remote Controlled Color Changing CloudImage: instructables

DIY Cloud Light Project:

DIY Cloud Light ProjectsImage: diyformula

Luminous Nursery Cloud Night Light:

Luminous Nursery Cloud Night LightImage: thelittleumbrella

Light String Hanging Cloud Lamp:

 Instructions for Making A Cloud LightImage: diyprojectsforteens

IR Remote Controlled Color Changing Cloud:

Controlled Color Changing CloudImage: instructables

Cloud Light – Cloud Light DIY Instructions

Cloud LightImage:  youtube

DIY Bluetooth Cloud Light:

DIY Bluetooth Cloud LightImage: youtube


DIY Glow Cloud LampImage:

L.E.D Clouds:

L.E.D CloudsImage: instructables

LED Glow Cloud:

 LED Glow CloudImage: instructables

Cloud Light – Thunder Cloud

DIY Project, Paper lantern, Cloud Light, Thunder Cloud, Lightening, Light ProjectImage: doityourselfathome

Eye-Catching Cloud Lights:

DIY Multi-colored Cloud LightImage: richardclarkson

Cloud Light Lamp – Cloud Light For Baby’s Room

Cloud Light for Baby’s RoomImage: gracelangdon.blogspot.in

DIY Adressable LED Cloud Light:

 DIY adressable led cloud lightImage: youtube

A DIY Cloud Light:

A DIY Cloud LightImage: diyprojectsforteens

Interactive Storm Cloud Light Fixture:

DIY Multi-colored Cloud LightImage: twistedsifter

IR Remote Controlled Color Changing Cloud:

 Remote Controlled Color Changing Cloud Image: instructables

38 Cute & Easy DIY Valentine-day Pillow Ideas

As we know that Valentine’s Day is coming up so it is better to do some preparations beforehand. You can learn a lot form these ideas and surprise your friends and special ones with your creative skills this valentine.

Here we will share exciting 38 Cute & Easy DIY Valentine-day Pillow Ideas with you so that those pillows can convey your feelings and affection for your loved one. All these lovely ideas are less time consuming and budget friendly so that you don’t find them difficult to do practically. These cute and easy diy valentine day pillow ideas are so brilliant that you can share them with your friends also to amaze them. As we known that this occasion is close to heart and is all about feelings, love and affection so we should may be concentrate on making heart shape pillows more than any other shape. Use romantic colors such as pink, red, white, yellow etc. for this project.

You can not only gift these pillows to that special person but also can decorate these pillows at any of the valentine parties this season ,as you can see these pillows are displayed on couch, chairs in many of these projects. All you have to do is grab those supplies that are necessary such as the fabric, cotton, polyester filling for the pillows, sewing kit or sticking material based on your own choice and opinion for these cute and easy diy valentine day pillow ideas.

Make your valentine day more and more special with thee amazing valentine pillow ideas that you can easily do at home to feel the love in the air.

Arm Knit Valentine’s Day Pillow:

DIY Arm Knit Valentine's Day PillowImage: thekurtzcorner

Shaggy Heart Pillow:

shaggy diy pillowImage: youtube

Valentine-day Heart Pillows:

three heart valentine day pillowsImage: designlovefest

XOXO Pom Pom Pillow:

XOXO Pillow for Valentine's DayImage: camilleiam

Valentine’s Day Heart Pillows:

DIY Galentine's Day Heart PillowsImage: brit.co

Painted Heart Arrows Pillow:

valentine day arrow pillow designImage: jessicapeck.blogspot

Fancy DIY Heart Pillow – Pink & White

DIY heart pillowsImage: designlovefest

No-Sew Heart Pillow:

DIY Valentines no sew cushion covers.Image: johleneorton

Painted Cross Stitch Pillow:

Lovely DIY Valentine's Day ProjectsImage: craftberrybush

Quick Heart Pillow:

diy heart balloon pillowImage: hellowonderful.co

Easy Valentine’s Day Heart Pillow:

gold fabric heart pillowImage: minted

His + Her Pillow Cases:

His + Her Pillow CasesImage: abeautifulmess

Mini Heart Soft Pillow:

DIY MIni Heart PillowsImage: littleinspiration

String Heart Pillow – Sequin Pillow

string heart pillow, sequin pillowImage: craftbits

La La Love You Valentines Pillow:

Adorable DIY Pillows for Valentine's DayImage: makelifelovely

Gold Foil Heart Pillow:

 Adorable DIY Pillow Ideas for Valentine's DayImage: larissaanotherday

HIS & HER Pillow Cases:

 Whether you're throwing a Valentine's Day party for the little ones or simply trying to get your household into the loving spirit, heart-themed home decor is perfect for the month of February. A little pink here, some red there — transforming your space into a Valentine's Day haven is easier than it looks. Try some of our fun decorating ideas to make your family feel special during this season of love . . . your kids will love them so much, they'll want you to be their Valentine!Image: sewsweetvintage

Heart Shaped Knit Throw Pillow:

pure red crochet heart pillowImage: knitsend

Small Fabric Heart Pillows:

Small pillow soft heart Image: designsponge

Valentine’s Love Letters Pillows:

Valentine's Love Letters PillowsImage: apurdylittlehouse

Stitched Heart Pillow:

valentines day cushionImage: springinfialta

Heart Patch Pillow:

sweet Valentine's Day pillow.Image: minted

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts:

LOVE DIY PillowImage: snydle

Button Heart Pillow:

button heart pillow for valentines day, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, valentines day ideasImage: hometalk

Faux Fur Heart Pillow:

DIY Faux Fur Heart PillowImage: themerrythought

Pom Pom LOVE Pillow:

handmade pom pom pillowImage: consumercrafts

His & Hers Pillows:

 Decorate For Valentine's DayImage: glamafrica

Sweet & Simple Pillows:

colorful heart shape pillowsImage: sheknows

Crochet Heart Pillow:

crochet heart pillowImage: knitsend

Shabby Chic Heart Pillow:

shabby chic pillowImage: quiltish.blogspot.mk

Burlap & Ribbon Heart Pillow:

DIY : Valentine's day gifts and decorationImage: simplywifely

Gold Color Pillow:

Adorable DIY Pillows for Valentine's DayImage: my4mistersandtheirsister

Felt Heart Pillow Crafts:

DIY Felt Heart Craft IdeaImage: sweetandsimpleliving

Vintage Button Heart Pillow:

diy button pillowImage: make-handmade

No Sew Heart Pillow:

DIY No Sew Heart Pillow, DIY Valentine's Day GiftImage: youtube

Valentine-day Background Small Heart Pillows:

easy to make small heart pillowImage: dreamstime

Cute Heart Pillow:

awesome diy heart pillowImage: youtube

Valentine Throw Pillow:

Valentine PillowImage: thediaryofdaveswife

33 Budget Friendly DIY Projects For Better Home

Whenever we decide to decorate or redecorate our homes the only concern that worries us is the budget so we must take measures for plans that are budget friendly so that in a very less budget we can make our homes better and these 33 Budget Friendly DIY Projects For Better Home will help you achieve this goal.

The first project that you see over here are needle sachet which is an adorably cute budget friendly project. Have a look at this next no sew pillows for the upcoming fall season which is easily made with fabric cut into the size of your desired cushion which you are making it for and another scrap different rust colored fabric such as felt or any thick cotton fabric cut into a shape of an autumn leaf and stick it on to the cushion fabric which is in pale yellow or off white color so that it can enhance the leaf that is stick over it.

Next we have a desk organizer which also requires o expenditure at all because all you have to do is to grab a shoe box or any other card board b ox and wrap it up with any of the scrap cute wrapping paper sheet and place it on your desk so that it can hold many of your stationary items as you can see here in this project. Similarly you can also create a 3d floral art from any of your favorite picture.

See this cute and wonderful rose garland which is very suitable to decorate any part of your house or your front/back yard. You can also create a shaggy heart romantic pillow with just a few crafts and a little creative idea. This only requires making of red roses with the help of a red fabric and then assembling them and sticking them in form a huge heart. Use some of your old or discarded nail colors in order to create some beautiful abstract painted planters for your favorite plants as you can see here in this project.

One of the most amazing of all these projects is the luminaries made from the old tins which look amazingly romantic and beautiful. Have you ever thought of creating a wreath with the help of pic pipe cuttings? You must see this project and learn how to do this easily. Also you can create a wreath with doily paper as well and attach some lights to it in o red to make it look more eye catching and attractive.

Share these diy budget friendly ideas for making home better as they are really worth sharing and trying.

Tartan Pine Needle Sachets:

These fresh pine needle sachetsImage: hometalk

No-sew Fall Pillow:

Throw PillowsImage: ourtraditions.net

Desk Organizer:

Completely Genius Trash-to-Treasure CraftsImage: domesticallyblissful

Favorite Photo With A 3-D Floral Twist:

DIY Shortcuts to a More Colorful, Joyful HomeImage: blogs

Rose Garlands:

DIY Paper Craft Projects Home Decor Image: youtube

Shaggy Heart Pillow:

DIY Room Decor Ideas for Teens - Cute Bedroom Decor Like This Shaggy Heart Pillow Image: diyprojectsforteens

Nail Polish Watercolor Planter:

painted planter potsImage: womansday

Sponge Water Bombs:

Sponge water bombsImage: endlesslyinspired

Tin Can Luminaries:

Patio LuminariesImage: consumercrafts

Ombre Calendar:

ombre calendarImage: annabode

PVC Pipe Wreath:

PVC pipe wreathImage: abeautifulmess

Fall Front Door Decorating IdeasImage: atthepicketfence

Side Table With Hair Pin Legs:

Hairpin legs side tableImage: homedit

Paper Doily Wreath With Lights:

String Light DIY ideas for Cool Home Decor, Paper Doily Wreath Lights are Fun forImage: marthastewart

Cut A Glass Bottle Flower Vases:

Cut a glass bottleImage: homedit

Display Pretty Shopping Bags:

Shopping BagsImage: lezoemusings

Tree Branches Home Decor:

DIY Tree Branches Home Decor Ideas That You Will Love to CopyImage: jarfulhouse

 Glass Sea Vases:

DIY Sea Glass VasesImage: sandandsisal

Seashell Mirror:

seashell mirrors for bathroomImage: puddyshouse

 Tape Dispenser:

PVC Pipe Tape DispenserImage: leftbraincraftbrain

Plant Stand:

diy plant standImage: abeautifulmess

Nail String Art – Face Art

Diy decor. A DIY nail string art project.Image: thepennyhoarder

Rustic Pencil Holder:

Rustic Pencil HolderImage: strawberry-chic.blogspot.ro

Pebble Heat Trivet:

DIY Pebble Heat TrivetImage: diys

Pineapple Stamped Pillow:

Pineapple Stamped PillowImage: ispydiy

Lace Doily Bowls:

Mrs Meyers Social Activation lace doily bowls dyedImage: mrsmeyers

Star Lanterns:

 DIY Christmas Lanterns Ideas To Brighten Up Your HomeImage: diyprojects

Halloween Pumpkins:

Easy Halloween House DecorationsImage: themagicbrushinc

French Pots:

diy french potsImage: climerphotography

Silver Wire LED String Lights:

Romantic LED Lantern Image: kirklands

Paint-Can Cubbies:

Easy DIY Projects for Instant College Dorm ChicImage: bobvila

Cassette Pencil Holder:

Cassette desk caddy or retro vase Image: snapguide

Buttoned Down Wall Art:

diy wall art, home decorImage: bhg

20 DIY Home Decoration Craft Ideas

Let us discuss some of the most amazing 20 DIY Home Decoration Craft Ideas. These ideas will definitely help you enhance the beauty of your house more than ever.

These are the projects that will grab the attention of your friends and relatives as soon as they will enter the house. The first project is the idea about marble terra cotta pots which will add a spark to your garden or backyard area. If we talk about some wall shelves you can use this diy corner wall shelf which is although very simple yet stylish. We can also use empty mason jars for your house wall decoration. You can decorate the boring and empty walls of your house with the mason jars and wooden holders as you can see in this project.

Next we have a candle lampshade template which is easy to make only with the help of some basic crafting tools. Those of you who are fan of some glittery stuff, this diy glittery wall art lightning will definitely win their hearts. Our next project is all about drapes and their effect in your house, you will never regret the efforts you will make for this project as the end result is so astonishing so let’s give this one a try. You can also make diy wine bottle vases which are so interesting and can be placed anywhere wither on the shelves in your informal lounge, or even at the corner shelf in your kitchen. Have a look at these wooden arrows that are so easily made with the scrap wood and can be hanged anywhere you like. If you have a bunch of paint brushes at your home sitting idle and of no particular use, make a vase with all of those like you can see in this next project. Next project is yet again something decorative for the walls at your home and this is a diy unique yarn macramé which will surely increases the beauty of any wall. Besides this, if you have a guitar at home use it with a combination of string lights to make this amazing masterpiece as a house decoration hack. Lastly we have a candle holder project which is also an evergreen and intelligent idea for the house decoration.

Try these surprisingly unique house decoration methods this season, especially if you are planning to arrange a house warming party these projects will help you in the easiest ways possible.

Marbled Terra Cotta Pots:

Home Decoration,DIY Home Ideas.Decor with Flowers

Image: thecountrychiccottage.net

Corner Wall Shelf: DIY

DIY Crafts,DIY Home Decoration Ideas,DIY decor

Image: youtube

Mason Jar Wall Hanging:

Home DIY,Decoration Ideas,Wall Decor Ideas

Image: the3rsblog

Candle Lampshade Template:

Home Decoration,Lamp Decor.Fabric Lamp

Image: goodhousekeeping

Glitter Wall Art With Lightning:

Home Decor,Lightning decor,Home Lightning

Image: miningjournal

Stenciled Drapes Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway:

Home Ideas,DIY,Decoration Ideas,Room Decor

Image: balancinghome

Wine Bottle Vases: DIYing

Flowers Decor,DIY Home decor,Wine Bottle Decor

Image: pleasenotepaperjocuri

Reclaimed Wood Arrow: DIY

Home Ideas,Home Decor,Do It Yourself

Image: thediydreamer

Paint Party, Paintbrush Vase:

Flowers Ideas,Home Ideas,Home decoration

Image: cfabbridesigns

Unique Yarn Macrame:

Hanging Ideas,Home Decoration Ideas,DIY Crafty

Image: abeautifulmess

Decor Home With Lightning Guitar:

DIY Home Decor,Guitar Ideas,Guitar decor

Image: interiorsbystudiom

DIY Candle Holder Projects:

DIY Home Decor,Candle Ideas,Home Improvement Ideas

Image: practicallyfunctional

Pallet Candle Holders:

Home decor,DIY Crafts,DIY Mason jars

Image: jennybatt

Hanging DIY Floating Shelf:

Shelf Ideas,DIY Shelf,Home Decor,DIY Crafts

Image: placeofmytaste

DIY Wood Slice Trees:

Small Tree Decor,Home Decor,DIY Tree Decor

Image: hometalk

Wonderful Wall Shelves:Home Ideas,Storage Ideas,Wall Decor,Do It Yourself

Image: jameshopkinsworks

Glowing Mason Jar Wall Sconces:

DIY Home Decor,DIY House Ideas,House Decor

Image: sweetpickinsfurniture

 Hanging Mason Jar Candle Holders:

Mason jars,DIY Home,DIY Crafty

Image: emmalinebride

Wall Mounted Mason Jar Vases:
Home Decoration DIY,Crafty Ideas,Hanging Ideas

Image:  thediyplaybook

Easy To Make Photo Frame:
Photo Graph Decor,Home Decor,Wall Decor

Image: diyjoy

18 Amazing DIY Lamp Ideas You Can Do It At Home

These days most of the people look forward to making new items for their homes instead of buying the readymade stuff from the market due to those being so expensive and also they want to make things of entirely their own choice with customized details.

Here we will share with you 18 Amazing DIY Lamp Ideas You Can Do It At Home of how you can make some beautiful and gorgeous lamps with some easy and creative techniques. The first project that we will share with you is a bit unique and different from the usual diy lamp ideas, it’s a diy skateboard lamp which is actually a skateboard simply converted into a lamp by attaching few bulbs to it.

The second is a lamp with photos which is very popular these days as this helps us being in touch with our memories and special moments. Have a look at this third project which is a soda inspired diy lamp and looks absolutely stunning and eye catching. Next we have a spade inspired lamp that you see over here which is also easy to make and adorable to place on a bedside.

Also you can add colors to your diy lamp like you can see in our next project. Besides this, wine bottles can also be intelligently used and can be turned into amazing lamps. See how wooden pallets can be used amazingly to make a diy lamp and it looks absolutely urban contemporary style and is totally artistic. Lastly we have this rustic diy lamp which is stylish and modern at the same time.

All these diy lamp idea are so easy and cost effective so you must give them a try this weekend in order to bring a slight change to your home décor.

Creative Skateboard Lamp:

wall hanging lamp, diy lamp idea, wall decor idea

Image: imgur

DIY Lamp with Photos:  photo lamp ideas, diy photo lamp, image lamp ideas

Image: creative

Soda Pop Tab Lamp Shade:

creative lamp ideas, simple lamp ideas, Handmade lamp ideas

Image: ideas2live4

Cheap Kate Spade Inspired Lamp Makeover:

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Photo Lamp- DIY

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Colorful Lamp Ideas For Home Decorate:

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Wine Bottle Lamps:

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Wooden Pallet Wall Lamp:

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Rustic Wall Lamp Industrial:diy lamp ideas. diy lightning lamp, diy ideas

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 Wooden Desk Lamp:

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Great Lamp Idea:

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Triple Adjustable Lamp Idea:

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Best Paper Lampshade:

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Pipe Lamp Design Idea:
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DIY Pallet Bulbs Chandelier:

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Cool City Skyline Lampshade:

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Eye-Catching Paper Lamp:

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Lamp For Studying Time:

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DIY 14 Room Decor Ideas For Home Improvement

Home decoration is something which is the most interesting activity one can adopt. Besides being interesting home decoration is also something that pulls put creativity from within you and makes you realize about your own potential.

Here we will present to you DIY 14 Room Decor Ideas For Home Improvement exciting idea about how you can decorate your home in the most easiest and creative ways possible. The first project that we will share with you, are the tape picture frames which will look great anywhere in the house depending on your own choice. The next project that we have here are flower wall hangings which are also appropriate for any wall of your house be it the informal lounge, kitchen or any corridor. Have a look at these hanging lights which are very classy and elegant and are perfect when you so want to impress your friends with your home decoration skills.

On of most favorite among all these projects is the rustic photo ladder which is made by using the ladder idea and looks perfect as you can see over here. Next we have some modern shelves in the triangle shape most appropriate for the empty walls of the house and this will turn them into something that will surely catch attention of your friends stepping into your house. Here is an idea for a very unique lamp shade that you can try for the side table in any of your room. This is a diy ruffle lamp made with the frilling technique and looks urban contemporary style. Next we have a vertical book shelf that you can see over here which will look great for your library area or any room where you want to place your books. This next project will definitely attract people who look forward to keep magazines and newspapers at a particular place as it’s a diy magazine storage. You can also make a beautiful heart wall hanging made with paper in different beautiful papers.

Next project is also related to the collection of photographs that you have at your home and you have no idea where decorate them, this is a framed clothesline photo display idea which is very simple and easy to do. Besides these idea you can also make some wind beads like you can see over here for your rooms or corridors. The next project that we have here is basically unique and very different form usual ideas and these are some skate boards used as wall racks for the small items. Also you can do some canvas ideas for the empty and boring walls at your home with some easy and attention grabbing paintings as you can see over here.

Try at least some of these above discussed ideas to enhance the beauty of your house especially if you are planning to have a house warming party, these ideas will work perfectly well for that.

Tape Picture Frames : DIY

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Flowers Wall Hanging Idea:

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Hanging Lights For Patio:

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DIY Rustic Photo Ladder:

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Modern Triangle Shelves:

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Ruffle Lamp Idea For Room Decor:

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Vertical Bookshelf DIY Room Decor:

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Magazine Storage: DIY

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 Paper Heart Wall Art:

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DIY Framed Clothesline Photo Display:

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Wall Hanging Storage Idea:

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Adorable DIY Room Decor Idea:

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Teen Skateboards Room Decor Ideas:

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DIY Wall Art Ideas For Decoration:

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