15 Awesome DIY Ideas For Back To School Supplies

Gingham Style Pencil Pouch.

 The back to school thing is something that brings both happiness and anxiety both in the children and for their parents. So here are 15 Awesome DIY Ideas For Back To School Supplies that will take the back to school excitement to a whole new level.

The first project that we have here is a gingham style pencil pouch that can carry a whole lot of pencils and color pencils at the same time and looks unique. The new pencils that your children will take them to the school can also be well redesigned by you with this pencil topper idea that you see over here. You can also create a pencil carrier or box yourself in any shape such as a crayon look alike pencil box is created here with some basic supplies. Besides this you can also decorate the simple and boring pencils in order to make these lovely and adorable confetti pencils.

Tis are so simple and you only need to have some colorful papers and a punch machine for this and have to stick the punched circles on to your pencil. Besides this you can also make a pencil can to place it on your table with an old scarp piece of denim and this can not only hold pencils but also scissors and some other basic supplies. Also you can arrange some lovely looking clip boards for the school exams.

We also need to have some new notebooks for the time when the school will re-open so it’s an amazing idea to create your customized pieces. Making some handmade bookmarks is also a very useful and different idea as you can make use of your creative sills in this project. All these projects are best for people who love to create their own stuff and like to be a little more creative than usual.

The entire project has tutorials with them in the links given below and also the detailed descriptions for every project. You must also share these ideas with our friends before the school re opens.

 Gingham Style Pencil Pouch:

Gingham Style Pencil Pouch.Image: blogger

Super Cute Pencil Toppers:

 Super Cute Pencil Toppers, DIY School Supplies - Super Cute Pencil Toppers - Easy Crafts and Do It Yourself IdeasImage: awwsam

“Back to School” Crayon Favor

"Back to School" Crayon FavorImage: iheartnaptime.net

Confetti Pencils:

DIY Confetti PencilsImage: makeandtell

Denim Covered Pencil Can:

Denim Covered Pencil CanImage: craftsbyamanda

Back-To-School Clipboard:

DIY School Supplies - DIY 'Work It' Back-To-School Clipboard -Image: dreamgreendiy

School Notebooks:

DIY School Supplies You Need For Back To School - DIY Back To School Notebooks -Image: momtastic

DIY Handmade Bookmarks:

Handmade Bookmarks, DIY School Supplies You Need For Back To School - DIY Handmade Bookmarks - Cuter,Image: tatertotsandjello

Gold Leaf Brushed Clipboards:

 DIY Gold Leaf Brushed ClipboardsImage: lovelyindeed

Chore Chart:

Back to School Organization Ideas - DIY Chore ChartImage: trucsetbricolages

Clip Board Makeover:

Clip Board MakeoverImage: abubblylife

Notebook Sewn Canvas Tote Bag:

DIY Notebook Sewn Canvas Tote BagImage: sayyes

Pencil Pouch:

DIY School Supplies You Need For Back To School - DIY Pencil Pouch - Cuter,Image: mamamiss

Binder Clips: Upcycled

Upcycled Binder Clips, DIY School Supplies - Upcycled Binder Clips - Easy Crafts and Do It Yourself Ideas forImage: bsazcreates

Colorful Bookcovers:

Colorful BookcoversImage: suzyssitcom

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