Top 10 DIY Mason Jar Gift’s For Everyone

Bulb Mason Jar Gift

Mason jars have surprisingly become very commonly and widely used as decoration pieces, gifts and much more when made a little different in appearance with creativity and colors.

Sometimes we just run short of ideas when it comes to giving presents to our loved ones or people around us so here is an idea of using old mason jars for gifting purposes just by adding a little bit of color and texture or some other decorative materials to them. There can be a variety of ideas for turning the mason jars into extra ordinary beautiful gifts but here we will discuss Top 10 DIY Mason Jar Gift’s For Everyone.

The first project is a diy bulb mason jar filled with pebbles gift for you to present it to someone this festive season. One of my all-time favorite is this cookie and cake recipe mix as it’s a very useful and caring kind of a gift for someone.

Also you can create some holiday gifts out of these DIY Mason jar gifts carrying some kind of cake making utensils such as spatula, tong and much more and wrap it with some beautiful kind of a ribbon and gift it to someone in the family or any of your neighbors. Next time when the Easter is going to come you will not be confused about giving presents to your friends and family as you can easily make these adorable Easter mason jars with cute faces over them. Also you can attach gift tags to the mason jars when you are gifting them to someone and write some love notes on them.

Share these ideas with your friends and family before any of the festivals arrive so that you can do the preparations beforehand.

Bulb Mason Jar Gift:

Bulb Mason Jar Gift Image: thehappierhomemaker

Mason Jar Cookie Mixes & Recipes:

Homemade DIY Gifts in A Jar | Best Mason Jar Cookie Mixes and Recipes, AlcoholImage: yesmissy

Mason Jar Holiday Gift:

mason jar holiday gift ideasImage: debbie-debbiedoos

Mason Jar Easter Gift:

Mason Jar Easter Gift IdeasImage: number-2-pencil

Holiday Printable Gift Tags:

FREE Holiday Printable Gift TagsImage: sheuncovered

Hanging Mason Jar Lighting Gift:

gorgeous Christmas mason jar giftsImage: craftsy

Chalkboard Mason Jar Vase:

Mother's Day Chalkboard Mason Jar Vase - Mother's Day Homemade Gift Ideas with Mason JarsImage: masonjarcraftslove

Loves To Bake Gifts In A JarBaking Kit In A Jar

Image: thegunnysack

Beginner Sewing Kit:

Best DIY Gifts in Mason Jars - DIY Beginner Sewing Kit Mason Jar Gift - CuteImage: smashedpeasandcarrots

Mason Jar Filled:

Mason Jar filled - Christmas gift idea in a mason jarImage: refreshrestyle

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